The Guardians Of Fake News Present… Fake News!

FYI anybody that isn’t the BBC or The Guardian could be fake news!

I heard my MP Matthew Handycock, from Davos, expressing concern about internet security. He particularly mentioned child abuse. This is the same Handycock who made a speech in parliament about slurs against Leon Britten. I for one suggest it would be interesting if we had a full and proper review of Leon Britten; I for one would ask Mrs. Britten for her £100K ‘compensation’ back until a full and proper review, but then I’m just an ordinary lay person with ordinary tax returns and who am I to question the authority and expertise of our Westminster great and good? Melanie Shaw Matt Handycock? Melanie Shaw Theresa May? Melanie Shaw #MeeToo?…. I digress. For the record this is Matthew Handycock who campaigned to Remain in the €U while all 7 of his constituency regions voted Out!

By the way Matthew Handycock, who likes to be referred to as Matt Handycock, just as an aside, how reliable, open and honest would you judge one of your fellow attendees at Davos, Christine Lagarde to be?
Christine Lagarde convicted: IMF head found guilty of criminal charges over massive government payout
…. or was this allegation merely exaggerated fake news?

Oh look, The Guardian closed its comments section on an article praising the White Helmets:
Last Men in Aleppo review – gruelling portrait of a city without hope
The opening line is: “The bravery of the White Helmets in Syria is beyond dispute…”
Ha ha ha… you are havin’ a laugh, right?!
A comment still there:
“Well, Al-Nusra, Ahrar Al Sham, Al Zinki and other allies of the White Helmets were bombing civilians regularly and lethally in West Aleppo right to the end, so that doesn’t work.”

Brian feels UKIP have been a useful tool to damage Brexit.

Men in suits touching up innocent young ladies? Scandalous! But, whatever you do, do not think about bringing child violators to book!
Madison Marriage the undercover Financial Times investigative reporter?

Evan Davis “This is the guy on Newsnight, Dragons’ Den and the Bottom Line. These are only my views – the BBC has no views….” That’s funny Evan. Evan even has Post Truth plastered over his Twitter home page:
Sex was being used to raise money for children’s charities…. lovely.

UK Column
Published on 24 Jan 2018
Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today’s news update from the UK Column.
START – Davos cyber security session: cyber risks are increasing…
02:32 – Could 2018 be the year of the next financial crisis…?
05:33 – World inequality: 82% of all wealth created in 2017 went to top 1%
07:54 – Davos: fake news – BBC in on the debate…83% of Brits ignore them
13:05 – Davos: BBC suggests the language used is too complicated for us
14:50 – Guardian fake news: Aleppo – ‘A city without hope’…comments closed
16:10 – Syria: British men prepared to fight Turkish-led forces…
18:33 – Head of British Army concocts propaganda against Russia
20:01 – Russian fifth-generation fighter starts flight testing
21:20 – NATO ships enter the Black Sea
21:55 – Brexit (no exit): David Davis on trade – ‘new facts, new opinions…’
25:03 – Henry Bolton UKIP ‘leader’: deliberate destruction of the party
28:19 – Carillion: no guarantees past the end of this month…
29:21 – Labour to force ministers to come clean on Carillion PFI contracts
31:16 – British roads: charging ahead…or one big taxpayer pothole…?
33:45 – Charles Howeson to be sentenced for sexual assaults on February 2nd
34:44 – BBC: Hostesses ‘groped at men-only event’…still no child abuse discussion
42:59 – Civil Service Alumni: getting ready for second AI event…
44:09 – Docherty family and Melanie Shaw update


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