The Common Purpose UK Army…

The state carry on grabbing children while Common Purpose infects the UK military. Isn’t it great being British! C’mon all of you who want to leave your own countries, come to our developing Marxist paradise!

Published on 10 Jan 2018
Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Alex Thomson with today’s news update from the UK Column.

START — Imprisoned Eugene Lukjanenko: hunger strike over taken child
10:09 – Why is Britain suddenly exposing France…?
21:05 – Dutch fake news: MainStream Media tacitly edits MP’s tweet…
23:47 – ‘Stop worrying and love the EU’s security and defense agreement’
26:47 – US Navy, failing in the Western Pacific, heads for Crimea…
29:47 – Wall Street Journal propaganda: ‘A deadly new cold war…’
31:18 – BBC: New Army adverts ‘promote emotional support’ for recruits
38:37 – Anti European homogeneity man Peter Sutherland dies, aged 71
40:06 – Syria: more progress in Idlib Province – false flag imminent…?
44:09 – BBC: human trafficking finally news but used as advert for show
46:39 – Sabine McNeil in court tomorrow after helping in abuse case…

UPDATED: Sabine Mcneil remanded in custody – + HAMPSTEAD SRA ARCHIVE – 09 Dec. 17


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