The Central bankers will seize all your wealth if you keep it where they can get it.

The reset is happening now.  Cryptocurrency is one of the pieces.   The Central Bankers aim to get rid of cash.  They aim to transfer all the wealth to themselves, and away from private individuals.  Your wealth, wherever it is, will not be yours.  As with bank accounts.  Any contract is only as good as the counter party to that contract.  Your cash belongs to the bank.

Shares, stocks, bonds, crypto-currency are not real.  They are contracts.  Everything else is in the system, as well as these, is based on trust.

All they have to do is keep you feeling safe and trusting, but your money will not get back to you once you part with it into these so-called assets.

Central Banks are buying gold.  The only safe thing is gold and silver – when the crash comes, and the reset comes.

This is a global crash coming, which could last up to ten years.  You will need protection for this long while they rejig the system, and reestablish a replacement system, during which time most people will lose their homes and live at an appallingly low level.  Wall Street will clean up.

The breakdown might be starting in 2018, or maybe 2019.  It’s hard to predict exactly when it will come. (Robert Kiyosaki says 2-3 years from now, and he’s buying gold).

When will it obvious to everyone what is going on?  When it comes to that.  Hard to say exactly.

The power is shifting from the West to the East.  China, Russia.  In the West people’s standards of living will drop dramatically, and everywhere else in the world.  While they’re resetting everything, later on, you will have the chance to buy into income-producing assets, if you’ve protected your wealth.  There will be big opportunities.  You will be able to get back into the system after a long gap.  But while the stealing of assets is going on,  you must keep away from the system.

Expect things like interest rates first to rise, maybe to 3.5%, then be cut into negative.  They will pay people to borrow money.  If you can, get any residual current borrowing into fixed rate borrowing at current levels.

Property taxes to escalate.  Living standards to hit the floor very hard.

Gold is a stabiliser.  It creates confidence, public confidence.  This will be part of the reset, as will digital currencies.

Merrill Lynch indicators are correct.  Things are moving very quickly.

ITM Trading are on youtube.  Check them out, especially Lynette Zang.

TAP – I see the crash coming towards the end of of 2019.  Looking at commodity markets currently surging such as zinc, copper, lumber and many others (check out the Goldman Sachs Cash index too if you can find it anywhere public), the price zooms all started at the end of 2015, early 2016.  They look about half way up now.  Another two years and the insiders could be selling out their positions at the top before they crash the system and restock again at the bottom.  They say markets go up on the escalator, and descend in the elevator.  Eighteen months from now is about right, to my eye.  I won’t give all my reasons for saying this, as some are based on patterning markets over very long periods.  I believe the insiders. Central bankers believe in repeating patterns and numbers in the years when they make things happen. 2019 fits this belief better than 2018.

The key will be when do they end quantitative easing.  That is scheduled to start in financial year 2019, which means from October 2018 in the USA.  But this is a global crash being implemented by the central bankers, not just the USA.  Assuming the central bankers dot lose control, their seizure of assets programme is not hard to read.  Defend yourselves now.

Others don’t agree, and say the downturn started in 2012 or earlier, and it could be coming towards its end before long.  No one knows the future, it has to be said.   It’s interesting to hear the views of this who think the current financial system is being deliberately sabotaged.


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