The Big Data Gender Bender Agenda

The good old pension scheme, gold watch and plaque on the wall era is over… a better financial system without usury suggets Mark Anderson. Oh, wouldn’t it be lovely. There’a census coming up in 2021. Would that be more paid work for Capita, the Lockheed subsidiary?
At least I have long thought there was a relationship between Lockheed and Capita. Let’s do a random search…
Met signs £90m IT deal with Lockheed-Capita-KPMG partnership
Let’s give a thought to William the Conqueror and the Doomsday Book. Isn’t is funny how such things today, logging the private details of the populous, are acceptable and normal.
As Mark says, the big data gender bender agenda. Hmm, that’s a title. The state wants to know about your sexual inclination. The US consensus was originally for counting constitutional enumerating, to count people for congressional representation. Today it is way beyond that mandate and just another aspect of the deep state.
Mayors of Bengaluru and London come together to help cities tackle toxic air pollution:
Of course, it sounds great – mayors wanting to clean up filthy air, but I caution you to beware of London Mayor Sordik Khant. He is a dullard bimbo. NPP’s view, not necessarily shared by TAP.

Another episode of the Column anchored by the impeccably astute Mike Robinson.
Published on 15 Jan 2018
UK Column News – 15th January 2018
Mike Robinson and Mark Anderson with today’s news update from the UK Column.

START – Carillion bust: 48,500 jobs at risk, £680m pension deficit…
09:08 – UK Census 2021: public consultations taking place
14:44 – City agenda: Sadiq Khan meets mayor of Bengaluru
21:24 – USA: award-winning journalist comes clean on media control
25:41 – Media collusion in Bundy trial…?
31:35 – BBC: Myanmar back on the agenda…Burmese military or ISIS…?
35:15 – UNHCR: ‘Rohingya are stateless’…what are Human Rights…?
38:39 – Rohingya being vaccinated: UK Aid ‘working tirelessly…’
42:27 – Hawaii: fake inbound ballistic missile…testing public reaction…?


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