Skirmishing begins as Christmas fracking truce ends.

Greg Clark remains as Business/Energy Minister.

2 protectors at Kirby Misperton arrested, accused of poisoning security guard’s dogs.

Next Level Security Securities staff spat in the face of a protector – the same one as now accused.

Owner of Next Level Security Services is a cancer survivor.  Strange how he now is facilitating cancerous pollution (or trying to do so) at fracking sites using bullyboy tactics.  As Ian Crane says – ‘karma’s a bitch.’

Derek Laird

BSc (Hons), MA, MYSI. Managing Director

Derek is our Managing Director and founder, Derek served for 18 years with the Army, he completed multiple operational tours of Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Since leaving the military in 2006 Derek has worked overseas in hostile environments, most of his time was spent in Afghanistan, from the borders of Pakistan to the borders of Iran, Derek has a wealth of experience working in difficult environments.

Derek has a Bachelor of Science in Risk and Security Management with Honors from the University of Portsmouth and a Masters of the Arts in International Security Studies from the university of Leicester, this along with Derek’s operational experience he can really be considered, a subject matter expert in security.

Derek is committed in propelling NLSS forward to produce a quality service and exploring new ventures for NLSS, Derek is committed to raising the standards of the security industry.

New camp as Missen Springs started at weekend receiving heavy police response.  Lou comes on camera.  Fantastic support from local community.  Donations.  Local residents are very supportive of the camp.

Balcombe threatened again by Cuadrilla application to do flow tests.  Protest outside West Sussex County Council offices at Chichester this morning.

At all sites need massive community/activist turnouts to stop the drillers from proceeding.


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