Sheriff’s men arrest Robin Hood….

The Sheriff’s men know who their boss’ primary target is, and they assault him whenever they get the chance.

Robin Hood (played by IanRCrane), after his arrest in September, escaped from the dungeon in the Sheriff’s castle and was back in the Forest leading his Merry Men within just two days.  No charges were brought of course.  He did nothing illegal, just opposing the destruction of the Forest, and the removal of the peasants.

The arrest itself (watch below video) is just thuggery as practised by Britain’s Police force as a matter of course these days.  Nothing’s really changed, however, in a thousand years, since the Sheriff’s men of yore acted as thieves, stealing the property of the good men and women of Sherwood.   Around Nottingham, and further North, today’s Robin, dressed in different hats and disguises, appears in camps lodged in woodland leading his Merry Men and Women, firing his deadly quips and comments.  Words are his weapon of choice, and most effective at hitting the target he is too!  The days when bows and arrows were the best method to poke back at power are long gone.  Today, social media, livestreams and blogs give far more hitting power against injustice.

The thousand year legend is being remade all over again, as British people stand proud and fight back against brutal and thuggish authority to protect their lands and their lives.

Will it become Merrie England once more?  Yes.  It can,  if Robin can hold out long enough against the Sheriff until the brave knights and the true king return (Brexit), and the foreign usurpers (The EU) are removed from our lands.  Then will justice rule once more (The Common Law).  Rotten judges will be cast out along with the barons of greed who care nothing for the lives and lands they destroy (Ineos and others).  Only then can the people once more rejoice.

Here are the sheriff’s men trying to batter Robin Hood into submission, while he fires his electronic truth weaponry, a device they have been unable to develop any countermeasures against.

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Robin Hood’s greatest truth work below – Voices From The Gasfields.  Fire that into your mind.  And join the Merrie Men and Women in the Forest today.


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