Save the value of your home

The fact is that fracking threatens not only your health but also your pocket.

Ian Crane’s busy setting up the protection camp at Misson Springs, North Nottinghamshire.  Awareness is growing everywhere what an abomination fracking is.  But for locals near to the proposed wells, it is an immediate financial kick in the teeth, as well as an environmental catastrophe to come.

Prices of properties near Kirby Misperton in North Yorkshire and rentals are tumbling.  The owners and people who want to get away to preserve their health and their children’s lives, are trapped – prisoners.  Those bothered about how much money they are losing can do nothing about it unless and until the fracking threat is lifted.  They have to fight for their financial survival as well as the continuation of their physical existence.

The thing that first triggers many to take an interest in fracking is the drop in the price of their property.  Only then do they start researching and find out what else fracking entails…many to die, experience birth deformities, lose their water resources, suffer from air pollution, and ruined soil.

You don’t live in a gas field.  You die in one.  That, you would think, would be enough to get a national campaign running to stop this abomination.

Yet most people don’t take much interest in the threat to their health, until they realise it will also ruin their wealth.  If that’s the hook to initially get your attention, then I’m going to use it.  Here’s what’s coming to your area.  Watch the video.

Don’t trust the BBC and the mainstream media.  Look at multiple sources, and determine what makes sense to you.  Don’t get locked into the excuses made by the industry such as ‘gold-plated regulatory standards’.  These phrases are meaningless.

There is the need for camps all over the country – to grow the numbers of people.  Get down there.  Send money.  Do all you can to save humanity i.e. yourself – from this abomination.  Fracking is waking people up to the wider reality of politics in Britain and the world.

The moment Clark signs for Kirby Misperton fracking to go ahead, then thousands of people must get down there, and stop it.

Look just at the devastation caused in Queensland in Australia where there are now 20,000 wells.  An area of land the size of the UK  is devastated.  Soil ruined.  Birth deformities.  cancers.  Sickness.  Blindness. and the rest.  Land prices and house prices – the economy destroyed.

It’s down to you.  Apathy or fight back.

Common Purpose are controlling many government agendas.  They want to increase the gap between the obscenely wealthy, and the rest – keeping them as slaves to the corporate state.  Jeremy Hunt nearly got the post as Energy Secretary and he would have signed Kirby Misperton to be fracked, as an agent of Common Purpose. Now it’s back with Greg Clark.  His decision might be to stop the frack, which would be gratefully celebrated.  But the pressure needs to be kept up wherever there is a threat.  It’s coming unless we stop it.  Get it?


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