Richard-Rachel Hoskins Has Monopoly On Ted Heath Articles

Go to the last report to learn about the ‘expert’ who submits articles debunking allegations against our beloved ex PM Ted Heath!

UK Column
Published on 5 Jan 2018
Mike Robinson and David Scott with today’s news update from the UK Column

Since 2008 UK productivity has been flat
Zerohedge says Pakistan is ditching the dollar and trading with China:
Iran Is Ditching The Dollar In Foreign Trade
Donald Trump explicitly linking foreign policy objectives to the aid budget…. refreshingly honest.

08.00 Brexit. 2018 and nothing has really changed: there is no Brexit.

10.30 Federica Mogherini increasingly behaving like a €U foreign minister
Mogherini meets Castro in Cuba
Federalisation of the €U

14.50 Oxford Farming Conference:
Gove is pushing UN Agenda 21 policy via Brexit? Let’s remove farm labouring jobs and replace them with technology?

25.30 – another international body by-passing national identity and democracy.

28.26 Grenfell Tower. Still no Structural Engineers Report. Met Police request £38 million for an investigation.

36.30 Scottish shoppers panic buy Irn-Bru ahead of recipe change:
The state is stepping in again. taking out sugar and replacing it with ingredients much worse: aspartame.

39.36 Assistant Chief Constable Bernard Higgins subject to formal probe:
WOLFFE COURT: Lord Advocate James Wolffe and his judge wife at centre of £9million damages claim – Questions remain why Lady Wolffe avoided recusal during emergency judge swap on court case against her own husband:

42.50 Edward Heath case: Edward Heath case was a shambles right from start:
Richard Hoskins has a monopoly on Ted Heath articles?…. who for a while was Rachel!


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