NBC News Filmed Inside Hawaii EMA Bunker ‘Hours Before’ False Alarm


(Screenshot via NBC News/YouTube)

A new development has surfaced on the bizarre and embarrassing Hawaii ‘False Alarm’ Missile Drill that occurred earlier this month – it involves NBC’s Nightly News crew, a secure bunker, and an excitable emergency management spokesman.

NBC’s Nightly News crew was “granted access to secure bunker that receives an encrypted call from USPACCOM if an airborne missile posses a threat to Hawaii on the very same day, hours, before the botched alert went out to the public,” INTELLIHUB reports.

The following video footage, filmed from inside the bunker, confirms this report and was published to the NBC News YouTube channel on January 15th. Watch:

YouTube Video Preview

In the network’s “exclusive” footage, NBC reporter Jacob Soboroff begins:

“Hours before the false alarm sounded with a warning of an inbound missile, we had exclusive access to the bunker where it was sent from.”

Then, in an odd exchange, David Hafner, spokesman for Hawaii Emergency Management Agency (EMA), offered this crass invitation to Soboroff:

“Let me take you to where the show starts…”

Why was NBC News, no stranger to fake news, allowed access to the secure bunker just hours before the so-called ‘false alarm’ alert message went out to the unsuspecting people of Hawaii?

What was the news peacock doing there in the first place, on that day?


NBC News Filmed Inside Hawaii EMA Bunker ‘Hours Before’ False Alarm


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