Robin Hood fights the Sheriff Of Nottingham over property stolen from the people and abuse of children

In today’s livestream, Robin Hood (played by Ian R Crane) explains the latest news about Nottinghamshire Police, who sent 20 officers to steal pallets without any legal process or paperwork from Misson Springs anti-fracking camp.  Why don’t they instead get on and investigate the appalling record of child abuse in Nottinghamshire care homes, says Robin?

Maid Melanie (Melanie Shaw) was the whistleblower who exposed the terrible things being done in Nottinghamshire by the Sheriff, leading politicians and other local dignitaries to children in care homes, including torture and murders.  She is being kept in solitary confinement by the Sheriff moving her from jail to jail without a pubic trial.

Sir Kenneth Clarke is a famous local baron in Nottingham,  also MP for Rushcliffe.  He has no complaint about the child abuse.  That is apparent due to his silence on the subject.  As a longtime local MP and member of the government, you would think he might mention what goes on in his own backyard, and try to do something to help the victims.  Not a bit of it.  What can he tell us about the appalling treatment of Melanie?   He surely knows.

Melanie has been kept in jail for two years after a secret trial in which no one knows what she was accused of and why she was found guilty.  She had to be silenced as she knows who the perpetrators are and what they did to her and to others.  She’s just been moved again to another jail – this time in Derby, kept most of the time in solitary confinement.  Her sentence has just been extended by another 24 months.

From Danceaway in comments.

Melanie has been moved once again. New address is:

Melanie Shaw
HMP Foston Hall
DE65 5DN

All above information still applies. Please keep writing to her, and sending stamped envelopes. Her post is her life-line.

Ian R Crane, the new Robin Hood, also gives the details of all the various sites threatened by the abomination of fracking.  25,000 people watched the livestream he filmed yesterday of the pallets being nicked by the Sheriff Of Nottingham’s men, working in silence, refusing to answer any of his questions.

More people are needed to join the camps and bring in supplies, finance etc.  and everyone needs to be told what the bastards are getting away with.

No Police in sight at Misson Springs camp this morning.  There are people coming up to help rebuild what the Police took away yesterday.  The attack has prompted a lot more support for the camp.  The reason why?  People are waking up, and turning to action.

Here’s the link to the livestream that went viral yesterday.

The Merry Men and Women are regrouping after centuries of silent oppression.  Things have gone too far.

Sheriff of Nottingham steals property at Misson Springs, outside Doncaster.

The classic film on fracking – Voice From The Gasfields – by Ian Crane.


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