Misson Springs is at a critical stage.

Ian describes the situation at Misson Springs.  The planning permission is touch and go.  People are needed to help slow down the attempt to get a drill pad installed.

IGas is a junk stock, losing investors lots of money.  Let’s hope it loses them lot more yet.

At the weekend Third Energy and Kirby Misperton news came out that they may have actually fracked, knowing they were not technically in breach of the law at that time to do so.  But now Scarborough News state that Third Energy stated they did actually frack and had a positive result from the frack.  This is now denied by Third Energy.

It is now 75 days.  A lot of the delay is caused by the problems with Carillion.  They will do anything to try to persuade the investors to hang on.  Covering up the real state of their investments, while the directors line their pockets and try to trigger the stock price higher, and collect on their stock options.

They depend on people being too busy to see what is actually going on.  Which for the most part they are.  Yet people must act to hold the frackers away from destroying the north of England.  The need for a place to dump toxic nuclear waste could be the main driving force behind the government’s support for fracking.  They want an area where they can dump radioactive waste.  Fracking is the creation of convenient dumps for toxic nuclear waste.

Professor Fergus Gibb of Sheffield University is the professor researching deep borehole disposal of toxic waste.

The collapse of Carillion exposes the ‘Spiv’ culture of 21st Century Corporatism, where PERSONAL GREED is the primary motivation. These Sociopaths believe that EVERYONE has their price … e.g. £40million to live above a Toxic Nuclear Waste Disposal Facility?

Is the British population so massively dumbed down that they cannot act to stop this?  It does seem hopeless right now with not enough people attending the camps to make it impossible for the Police to enforce the corporate agenda.  One final push needed, folks.  So come on down.


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