Michael Wolff Is A Left-Wing Moon Bat

The BBC are wetting their knickers over Steve Bannon and President Trump. John Soapytale is swimming in his own bubbles of exuberance at the latest hit on Trump.

The onslaught continues, everyday without fail. I have never witnessed such relentless attack upon an American President by the corporate media. I do not sympathise with Trump’s apparent approach toward Jerusalem nor any inclination to interfering in Iran’s business, but still, he is not her; Hillary Clinton. We’ve had the Golden Shower Russian prostitute story about the ‘germophobic’ Trump, the on-going Russiagate allegations and it goes on. Now we are served up a book by some one claiming to know the inner workings of Trump’s mind and privy to private meetings and phone calls. Apparently, Trump did not even want to win the election… which begs the question of the collusion allegation: why did he concoct ‘Russian collusion’ to beat Hillary?

Bill Mitchell & co have a love-in for God and Israel and their previous analysis on Iran is laughable, but I do recommend Mitchell for his analysis on Trump vs. the ‘left’. Right, left, wings of the same bird for me, but the ‘left’ do appear to be particularly desperate and lacking at this stage. Mitchell points out Trump has the best economic figures of all 45 US Presidents, yet is still being touted as a half-wit.

Mitchell discusses the latest ‘scandal’ aimed at Trump…
YourVoice™ America: “Bannon Hits The Fan!”

Here’s a front page story by the BBC, the Brussels Broadcasting Company, from Washington correspondent John Soapytale among others:
Claim Trump aide warned of UK spying absurd, says Tony Blair

The BBC is basically The Sun with pretense to being a flagship news platform.

“A new book says Mr Blair had shared a “juicy rumour” with the son-in-law of the US president, Jared Kushner, that campaign staff, “possibly even Trump himself”, had been under surveillance.”

Juicy rumour? Possibly even Trump himself? Isn’t this hearsay and tabloid gossip?


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