Matthew Rycroft True To Form On Anti-Iran Bandwagon

UK Column
Published on 8 Jan 2018
Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today’s UK Column News, including: reshuffles, Brexit, China, Iran, Syria, Libya, Israel and Grenfell Tower.

Information and supporting documents for the Taxation (Cross-border Trade) Bill.
Is the current cabinet reshuffle designed to mask attention from the draconian Henry VIII powers being pushed through?

06.00 China…
One country, China, has contributed about 30% of the world’s GDP in 2017
China has achieved a reduction in poverty yet failed to meet any UN sustainable development goals.

10.50 Iran’s government secures victory over foreign enemies
There have been multi-layers of distortion about what really happened.
The BBC and US media failed to provide adequate commentary… of course.
UN Security Council Matthew Rycroft at it again: do as we say or else.

18.05 Syrian Army liberates another two towns in Idlib on the way to key airbase
UK taxpayer money has been going to Idlib on various ‘civil society’ projects.

21.51 “mansion owned by Saif Gaddafi, son of the dictator of Libya, was occupied” now links to different page:
Apparently The Telegraph have removed their ‘fake’ news articles on Saif Gadhafi under threat from Gadhafi’s lawyer.
Other outlets have not yet taken their fake news reports down e.g.

25.05 Netanyahu backs US threats to ‘gradually’ close UN Palestinian refugee agency
We’re looking at the death-rows of a country diplomatically.

27.24 Steve Bannon backtracks on criticism of Don Trump Jr.
Michael Wollf… lambasted CNN, won Trump and Bannon’s trust

30.56 New police watch-dog

33.24 The cities agenda pushed ahead
UK metro mayors still don’t have the financial muscle they need
The Guardian Common Purpose type networks… building safe Smart cities. Lovely.
Centralised control to the street!

36.10 Open Letter: Cancel KPMG Appointment as Advisors to Grenfell Tower Inquiry

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