Hasta La Vista, Mother Fracker.

Ian Crane’s speaking from the Liverpool-Leeds canal.  The canal was built before the hydrocarbon economy began 220? years ago.  Today the hydrocarbon economy is approaching its end.  The only reason it’s lasted so long is that hydrocarbons have been the best way for governments and bankers to milk the economy.

The weekend has been one of celebration for the anti-fracking community, after Councils at Cheshire and Rotherham rejected applications from IGas and Ineos last Thursday.  Then into the bargain Greg Clark told Barclays Bank T/A Third Energy to sort out its finances before he can process their application to frack at Kirby Misperton.  It was three victories in one day.  They’re losing £100,000 a day at KM.  They’re in debt for around £100 million.  Their accounts for 2016 are overdue 4 months.  They’re a catastrophe with shared directors with Carillion.  The falsification of information which has been exposed at Carillion’s accounting is likely to be present in Third Energy, as leopards tend not to lose their spots.

Hopefully there are people available within the Treasury to go through Third Energy’s accounts for 2016 and 2017 with a fine tooth comb.   They are likely to find inconsistencies.  The only decision that Greg Clark can make is to send it all down the tubes and cancel the fracking plans.

There is an application at Marsh Lane to Derby Council Council from Ineos.  Ian suggests that they can only make decision – Frack off, Jim (Ratcliffe).  Ineos has no respect for anyone or anything, except increasing the personal wealth of the aforementioned.  Hasta la vista mother fracker.

Radioactive waste planning is looking for a mug community to take a £40 million bribe to receive a dump of toxic nuclear waste.  They won’t find anywhere of course so they will turn to the Deep wells, left over from fracking, to dump Britain’s toxic nuclear waste.  To stop the nuclear waste dumpers, fracking must simply never happen.

Yorkshire and Derbyshire are beautiful areas which the government wants to turn into a toxic landscape.

UPDATE – https://drillordrop.com/2018/01/29/council-surrenders-local-decision-on-ineos-derbyshire-shale-gas-application/

The classic report on fracking – Voices From The Gasfields by Ian Crane.


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