A bit late for the Season, but this singer and her backers make a nice job of this song.  It might add a little calm and joy to your day.

Ralph Ellis would notice the mention of the name ‘Emmanuel’ during the song – one of the ways Ellis decoded who the historical Jesus/Izas was – by the use of his real name ‘Manu’.

Don’t let religion spoil your enjoyment of the music.  If the historical Jesus/Izas is of interest to you, head for edfu books – any search engine, one second away.  If you enjoy interesting books exposing historical deceptions, Ralph Ellis will deliver another Hallelujah for you, or maybe, on second thoughts that should be a Eureka.  Impactful, whichever term is used.

I find Chloe Paige’s hand gestures a little on the busy side, but nothing can take anything away from her honey voice and her delivery.

Written by Leonard Cohen, this is CIA music (Cohen was part of the programme to drag down the hippie anti-war movement into LSD-fueled hopelessness) , even putting into words within this song how emotions are so easily manipulated –

It goes like this, the fourth, the fifth
The minor fall, the major lift. 

Maybe Chloe’s on the list for future CIA-inspired manipulation of the population.  Her voice is good enough.  Just those manic hand gestures.  Maybe they’re telling her to do the song that way…to keep everyone stressed, even while their emotions are being stoked.


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  1. Mark says:

    Added… and thanks. And must do Ellis, albeit disagree.

    • Tapestry says:

      Only those who have read the book can claim to disagree with it! He also writes about Egyptian Pharoahs,and who the Israelites were in fact. Researched over thirty years. Human spirituality needs no historical research of any kind – only religions which have adjusted history to make their narratives. Meantime music reaches parts of the mind inaccessible to language. Truth has a special music or vibration, according to Miles W Mathis, which makes it instantly recognisable to our senses.

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