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Two weeks ago, Red Pill University streamed a live broadcast entitled A Futuristic Look at 2018 and Beyond. The topic that triggered the most comment was that banks were spending millions of dollars developing cryptocurrency systems of their own. That was a shock to many, because it’s contrary to the conventional wisdom that banks hate this new technology. The truth is, they love it, because, for them, it’s the Holy Grail for a cashless society.

We also discussed the story published on a popular Bitcoin website about how the banks have infiltrated the Bitcoin policy-making group and are preventing Bitcoin from speeding up transaction time. The article said they were doing this to create public demand for ‘side channels’ outside the Bitcoin system, channels that will be run by bank surrogates, complete with transaction fees, lack of privacy, and (you guessed it) government regulation.

If this is true, it will be the red pill of the century. Talk about illusion vs. reality! So I decided to dedicate our next broadcast to this topic and invited the two authors of that story to join with us and tell us more.

Well, the next broadcast is tonight,
January 14, at 6 PM Pacific Time, so …

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G. Edward Griffin
Founder and President
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G. Edward Griffin, Founder and President
Red Pill University


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