Coining a new phase.

First surfer at Misson Springs bundled to ground  out of site of cameras after they moved the vehicle.  He was released from Mansfield Police Station last night.

IGas did not get permission at Ellesmere Port to do a test drill.  Cheshire anti-frackers are on the case.  Cheshire County Council voted 11-0 to stop the frack.

ADDED  UPDATE –  Just to point out that it was Cheshire West & Chester council (CWaC) that voted yesterday to deny Igas their next stage licence at Ellesmere Port. Not Cheshire council as a whole . #wesaidno #frackoff

Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council responded to Ineos’ application at Harthill – almost unanimous rejection to Ineos’ application to drill and frack.

Lancashire County Council also shaping well.

Greg Clark, Energy Minister, finally gave a decision on Kirby Misperton, demanding that Third Energy must submit their accounts before he can sign off the site.  They are four months late with their 2016 accounts.  Their finances are in dire straits, owing close to £100 million and no cash flow.  The government can’t afford another massive bankruptcy in the energy/construction sector.  John Dewar financial officer of Third Energy just resigned, the day before Greg Clark’s announcement, a very significant moment to do so.

NB Third Energy is not only associated with Carillion sharing key directors.  It is 70% owned by Barclays Bank.  Just imagine.  A Barclays Bank subsidiary has failed to file accounts for over two years, now four months past the deadline.  Do they care nothing for their reputation?  It appears not.  

Why should they worry?  They expect the government to bail out all their mistakes anyway.  When in future they threaten customers for late filing their accounts by a month or so, what are they meant to think?   

Ineos should also be investigated, if financial competence and solvency are now judged crucial factors in fracking decisions.  Their finances are well hidden from view with very large bank borrowings.

Fracking companies typically run three sets of books, manipulating their financing, obfuscating the real situation of chaos from investors and regulators alike.  Greg Clark would do well to fight shy, or he too will be fracker-spanked, when the whole house of cards comes falling down – which is happening as we speak.  Investors are being wiped out.  The final phase of frackasmacking is upon us.  Sink your teeth in.  Enjoy the kill.

Get your money out now if you are unfortunate enough to have any invested.  NO apologies for your losses.  We’ve been telling you for years that this would be the final phase of the fracking fiasco – a good spanking for all involved in this crime against humanity.

Buy some silver instead.  See some spanking good returns there as the hydrocarbon economy and petrodollar collapse.  Leave your country’s soil, earth, water and air intact and clean for your children and your grandchildren.  For them to live, frackers must die.  Before that happens, and it will,  there’s still a lot more fracker-spanking to do.  They are an arrogant bunch who think their money can control the Police, the courts and the politicians.

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The classic film on fracking – by Ian Crane.


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