Enabling and empowering your children to cope with totalitarian pansexuality.

The aim of it all is the destruction of the family unit.

Our kids are being duped by counterfeits, and we need to up our game.  She calls it ‘totalitarian pansexuality’.  Human rights sex campaigns claim to be including all orientations, bestiality, zoophilia, incest, being into kids – LGBTP = pedophile.  The end goal where all this is heading is that all is being presented as normal – The Rainbow Revolution.  It’s a religion, claiming to be scientific, inclusive, targeting kids.

The NHS endorses it on sexual health sites.

What are the authorities telling our kids – 11 year olds and older?  Is it true or not true?  e.g. NHS tells kids rimming is normal.  Fisting.  Felching.

The parents are quiet.   Mixed in with the toxic advice is good advice.  It needs separating out.

Another theme is ‘Gender is fluid’.   Another is that ‘Exploring by trying out different types of sex is good’.  ‘Pornography is sold as helpful’.  Treating adolescents as adults is a form of abuse.

Other themes – ‘Gay is the new black’.  ‘Gay marriage is like mixed marriage’.

How can parents connect with their children and help them negotiate all this stuff?

Kids are being told it’s all fun.  Find out what kids are being taught.  Confirm the true.  Deny the false.  Educate them.  Explain there are consequences.  Appeal to their self interest.  Getting sexually involved too young is lethal, to your mind and to your body.  You pay.  Be sex smart.  It’s like smoking.  Look at consequences.   Depression.  STIs and STDs.  Pregnancy.  Sexual violence.  Thrill seeking needs more and more feeding.  Kids need sex proofing.

Develop their moral character.  The wicked witch of the West needs exposing.  Push back.

Help kids stop self-sabotaging.  Adults can turn down the volume of wrong behaviour patterns for themselves.  Learn to see things with your kids’ eyes.

At the Teens4Truth Conference in Ft. Worth, TX, Nov. 18, 2017. Keeping the radical sexuality and LGBT agendas from affecting your kids.

Dr. Lisa Nolland from the UK.

One of the best talks ever on this subject!




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