Consortium News Robert Parry RIP

Theresa May signs the holocaust book while keeping Melanie Shaw locked up.
The dodgy dossier suggesting Trump’s Russian collusion keeps giving and perhaps backfiring on those trying to use it. A so called alternative media platform called BuzzFeed & intelligence collaboration? A knock-off news agency offering up knock-off dossier? What a contrast to journalist Robert Parry about whom Mike gives praise at the end of the programme.

Published on 29 Jan 2018
Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Alex Thomson with today’s UK Column News.

START – Treason May: hypocrite on hate and suffering – Melanie Shaw still jailed
02:14 – Russia ‘gate’: it never dies…still no evidence – costs US taxpayer millions
06:26 – US Navy chaos: are the US prepared if the Russians are coming…?
12:10 – Brexit (no exit): EU law to become British law…Constitution under threat
House of Lords attack – a trap being set…?
22:33 – Portuguese finance minister probe over Benfica football tickets
25:53 – Dutch Police in worst neighbourhood in the Hague: create a rap video…
27:31 – Robert Hannigan (former head of GCHQ) in Hong Kong: Internet security
35:30 – BBC: Rotherham children’s services ‘transformed’…evidence destroyed
43:14 – UK Column sends email to Ofsted asking for details
45:17 – Consortium News: editor and publisher Robert Parry has passed away


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