Channel 4 Inadvertently Raises Jordan Peterson’s Star

NPP edit 24.01.2018 4.56pm
BBC R4 Media Show… they are shocked at the abuse Cathy Newman has received… never mind they accuse Trump of X Y & Z every day. The double standards of the UK corporate media.

This is fascinating; analysing his own Channel 4 experience. This is milking a situation for all its worth and giving added extra entertainment and even education to us, the viewer. Cathy Newman must be reeling that this just won’t go away. She made her bed and she can lay in it.
This illustrates why the internet can be such fun while the corporate legacy media remains stuck in the past; they just cannot keep up with the changing mind set nor flexible structure of internet broadcasting and information sharing…
Jordan Peterson has become a much higher profile person almost over night and the irony is mainstream media inadvertently did it.

Jordan Peterson Analyses His Own Interview With Cathy Newman:

Edit: the above link has been censored. Here’s an added 5 Minute Teaser – Jordan Peterson Responds to Channel 4 Interview Controversy

The original interview:


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  1. danceaway says:

    Oh dear, Channel 4 now decides this is subject to copyright so we can’t see it. They must be getting very nervous. Need alternative to utube!

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