Crane says – C’mon Lads. Get down the camps.

Funny how those corporate made up names always tell the real story – Carillion – carry on lyin’..  Veolia (waste management) is just like the sound you make when throwing up, another example.   Very apt for people living downwind of their incinerators.  Next Level Security have taken fabricating allegations, and falsifying evidence to the next level, by accusing anti-fracking campers of poisoning their dogs.  The name Ineos – conjures up the phrase ‘anything goes’ – as long as it makes money, that is.  Lying is well within the reach of all of these meaninglessly named faceless machines of destruction.

Carillion have created a monumental financial mess into the bargain, which Ian Crane here explains.

Main news In Brief – The Police arrested anti-fracking campaigners yesterday at Misson Springs in a gratuitous corporate Policing operation acting on behalf of IGas (Gas that blinds).  IGas are desperate to expedite the drill pad as it has to be installed before the nesting season of the owls living in the SSSI alongside the site.

Better news is the first application at Harthill By Ineos was rejected by Derbyshire County Council.

It was local MP Ben Bradley MP at Mansfield who suggested all male unemployed should have vasectomies.  Classic example of corporatist compassion.  Corporatocracy has no compassion, of course, as well as no values other than greed and power.

IGas are trying to get the planning condition which specifies the owl’s nesting season should be avoided, neutralised.  Get your objections in to Notts County Council to block this planning condition from being overridden by a Planning Officer.

Third Energy and their Carillion links.  Greg Clark must be well aware of the situation with Third Energy.  At 6 minutes on.  Kevin Hollinsnake MP for Ryedale, where Third Energy want to frack, tweeted yesterday that the Carillion crash is a ‘success of outsourcing’.  Black is white.  Up is down.  Carry on lyin.’

Ian emphasises that it’s the lack of boots on the ground  which has not stopped the fracking industry.  Court cases, political battles are regarded as just business as usual by the corporations.  They expect to get through.  If Ian could get 150 people at each camp, the frackers couldn’t hope to win.  Unfortunately too many won’t step outside the box and get their boots on.  What about all those 26 year old males sitting at home with Mum wondering what to do with their lives?  Come on, lads.  Here’s your chance to change the world.

Unless you prefer to wait in comfort at home for the Police to come, and take you off for your complimentary vasectomy, join the war between humanity and insanity.  This is your chance to fight for a future worthy of the name, while you still have the freedom to do so.

Come on, Lads.  Get down the camps.



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