World Government gets behind schedule

Why is world government behind schedule?  What’s being done to get the world government agenda back on track?  How can we understand what their next games are?

Watch the whirling woman in the video.  Is she whirling clockwise or anti-clockwise?  Depending on which one you see, that tells you which side of your brain is dominant.  The control system wants to keep you locked inside the left side of your brain.

The non-materialist euro-scientists says referring to the brain is wrong.  The brain is not a single organ but two organs, both responsible for two very different types of action.  They want to keep people locked into the left brain, the ego dominant brain, the self.

Up to age 35 people are locked into the self.  That is one way that we are being controlled.  ‘My career’ is all we are, combined with our material possessions.

Ian makes fascinating observations.  Try asking people ‘who are you?’ instead of ‘what do you do?’  We are programmed to identify ourselves as what we are employed as.  The ego plays very strongly on our fears.  Marketers focus on the fear that we are not good enough, and fear that we are not getting laid.

Book – Subliminal Seduction.  They use peripheral vision to get their message across.  They employ neuroscientists.  Ian runs through a series of ads used to sell everything from fragrance, to beer to bread which have sexual images either blatantly or subliminally.  He gives a quote that shows that marketers know they are peddling evil to consumers.  These people prostitute themselves for their salary.

We are locked onto the corporate teet, and do what we are told.

Ian shows EU posters that give away exactly what belief system they are operating under to control humanity.  He covers the EU, Catholicism, Tony Blair, the knowledge of the few which will never be shared with the masses.

Babies are born with the full potential for human spirituality, but by the time they achieve young adulthood, they are turned into controlled minds, with most of their potential turned off.  Human babies are engineered into becoming consumers from birth.  The Vitamin K vaccination is given to start the process of switching off the right side of the mind.  The tendency to believing in the spiritual world is shut off, leaving people trapped in the material world.

Rudolf Steiner realised that people were being locked into the physical realm through vaccination.  Fall of the spirits of darkness lecture 13 quotation from 1969 –

a way will finally be found to vaccinate bodies so that these bodies will not allow the inclination towards spiritual ideas to develop, and all their lives people will believe only in the physical world they perceive with the senses.’ –  at 47 minutes.

The challenge for western governments is to lock people into materialism to stop them from realising who they truly are.  If we realise who we really are, we might become something of a problem for them.

Yuri Geller, Margaret Mead – Book – Mind Reach.  Crane’s story is fascinating how he found a copy of this banned book.  You need the first edition which had not been doctored.  See details at exactly 1 hour.  The story gets more and more fascinating as he goes on.  A lady who had a stroke and lost the left side of her brain, and being locked into her right side, found she could tell things like who was going to come into the room.

My stroke of insight –  by Jill Bolte Taylor.  At 1.05

The left brain operates within a linear time-based continuum.  The right brain does not, and can see things as broader pattern.  They don’t want us to get access to this broader mind that we have.

Transplant patient who had new heart and lungs, realised she had received the essence of someone else, and found strange new appetites for fast food, which never interested her before.  Change Of Heart – by Claire Sylvia.  She was desperate to find out the family of the donor.  He was an 18 year old male killed in a motorbike accident.  She met the family.  Some embraced her knowing they still had part of their lost relative.  Others wouldn’t;t talk with her.  Made the British media.  She learned to live with the essence of this young man within her.

Another transplant recipient killed himself in the same way that the donor had done.  There are hundreds of cases of people receiving transplant organs taking on the character of the donor.  Find out who the donor is before accepting an organ.  Medical people don’t talk about many things they know.  The transfer of personality can even happen with blood transfusions.

Jehovah’s Witnesses refuse blood transfusions.

The right brain/heart connect.  The electronic field of the heart goes over the head and under the feet, via hands and feet.

David Shayler story – fascinating details.  Mind control by government agencies.  Using broadcast subliminal voices.

Ritalin into youth part of mind control, closing down right side of the brain.   Prozac.   ssri database website gives case histories of what happens to people on these drugs.  All high school shootings are either steroids or ssri. Events within a few days of each other.  Cases lodged by a few doctors who are concerned.

Phone masts.

Average age of women having a child is now over 30 years old.  Many of these are better informed and refusing to have their children vaccinated.  So they encourage teenage pregnancy by offering economic incentives.  They incentivise the use of Ritalin paying the mothers whose kids are on Ritalin money and even a car if a mother has three children on Ritalin.  On the sink estates, there is a very high level of people living under the the chemical cosh.  It is similar to cocaine, but it affects the developing brain very differently to the developed brain.  It turns kids into zombies, leads to self harm and suicide.  Drinks loaded with caffeine.  Junk food.

The Codex Alimentarius wants all farming replaced with genetically modified food and eradicate the natural food industry.

There is more chance of legalising cannabis than natural health products.

In the US a 16 year old has been exposed to 1 million advertisements during the course of his life.  ‘Those who don’t watch know a damn side more than those who do.’

TV watching hours go on ever upwards.  Get rid of the TV from your house.  Mind control especially of kids.

Film THEY LIVE by John Carpenter.  1984 prescient film.


Phones.  Hold them to your left – your left brain.  Kids are far more susceptible to EMFs than adults.  Under 16 years should be illegal to have a phone.



Keep cash alive.  Getting rid of notes/money.

People are awaking to the fact that this ain’t all there is.  People are looking for balance in their lives.

Dr Michael Persinger.  The Koren Helmet.

Indigenous peoples.  The Qero? in the Peruvian Andes.  Alberto Viloldo, a researcher says they believe  ‘a unique time for humanity’ is coming if people become aware of it.  Ian went out to meet them.  1 hr 49 minutes.  Great story.

‘Everybody is where they’re supposed to be.’  This particular time in our evolutionary process is critical.  Solar storms are able to activate our junk DNA, and awaken our minds.  Solar flares are far more active now.

Carrington effect 1859 would actually be beneficial by kicking us beyond our current ability to comprehend.

Terence McKenna.   Powers that be are trying to stop people seeing through the veneer.  Called the lifting of the veil.  Apocalypse means exactly that.

Qero.  We have to participate in the process.  We have to get involved and bring about the changes we want to see. If we take an active role, things will happen in our lives, miraculous events, which help us to achieve our aims.  We also have to visualise our preferred option to this new reality.  But we must not limit ourselves to that visualisation, as that could limit us.  Finding time to sit quietly and visualise a new future will help us move into the new arena.

Quantum physics – Go Swami.  Quantum activism.  We have to recognise the power of our consciousness, the power of our heart, of our right brain.  We must go out of our lot brain and allow the right brain/heart connect to play its full role.  We have to allow ego out of the way to achieve our full potential.  Homo Luminus is our next phase.

The existing paradigm is not sustainable in any form.  We are own White Chargers.  Get on it.

The beginning is near.

And another one he gave at the same conference before the one above.


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  1. danceaway says:

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful talk, Tap. I came across it recently, and have been enjoying it, too. Ian is such a joy to listen to; notice he never speaks with notes. I mentioned this to him at the end of AV8.1, and his reply was, ” I speak from the heart.” No truer words.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Great guy to know. I owe him a lot for his warning us what fracking was. We were ready when they tried developing a frack site alongside my Dad’s farm. Luckily we held it off long enough and the farmer backtracked. I send Ian a tiny sum each month for a his ex’s and occasionally a one-off for new camp expenses. I wish I could do more, but if enough of us send him a few quid, it adds up. He needs total support and deserves it too.

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