Lots of WW2 faked photos


Miles Mathis has done it again, finding a series of faked photos from WW2.  If the history is fake, that would explain why they needed to fake photos, he suggests.  To see the rest, go to the link.  His article begins –

The photo under title is my first exhibit. I found it on a general search for photos of WWII, among many others with the tag “photos that were hidden from the public until now”. Maybe you can see why it was “hidden”. Because they were still working on it in photoshop. It is an obvious fake, meant to sell us on the idea London was seriously bombed by Hitler’s blitzkrieg. If you can’t see the signs of a fake at a glance, consider this clue in the text:

Due to the structure of the Tower Bridge, this famous landmark luckily faced little damage. However, the surrounding areas were not as lucky.

Bollocks. The faked hits there are nowhere near the bridge, being in the far background, where they are easiest to fake. But you should find it curious that none of the bridges of London were hit at all. So it has nothing to do with “the structure” of any of them. It is not like they were built to be bombproof. They were built before airplanes, so the builders could not have predicted something like a blitzkrieg. Tower Bridge was built in the 1880s, for instance. But the Germans would indeed have targeted the bridges in any real attack. And these huge bridges would not have been hard to hit. They allegedly had 57 days to take them out, and they never did. The Germans also allegedly targeted the railways, as we would expect them to. But, again, they failed. Wikipedia admits:

The Ministry of Home Security reported that although the damage caused was “serious” it was not “crippling” and the quays, basins, railways and equipment remained operational.

Hmmm. That’s curious, isn’t it? Despite 57 days of attack from the air, everything remained operational?

More WWII Fakes

by Miles Mathis

First published January 18, 2018

To see lots of faked photos go to –


Battersea Power Station, one of the largest landmarks in London, received only one minor hit, and remained fully operational. “An unused extension was hit during November”. That’s lucky, eh, that those pesky Germans only targeted unused extensions?

That famous photo is another obvious fake. Of course St. Paul’s was also spared, which is convenient. But notice the tower is lit from the front, in bright sunshine. But the foreground is all black. Why? You will say it is because everything is charred. But we saw the same sort of fakery in the Bikini Atoll pictures. Those foreground houses are black for the same reason the ships in the Bikini photos were black. It is easier to fake them that way, because then they are just outlines. You don’t even look at them closely. Also see the faked photos from Trinity, which have this same telling makeup: bright background, unlit and unconvincing foreground, and no middleground. This is photo faking 101. Paste in a black foreground and fill the middleground with smoke.

Which takes us back to the photo under title. I knew it was fake because it doesn’t have the feel of a real photo from that period. This was in the 1940s, not that long ago, but the photo looks like something from the 19th century. Notice how the photo is way too contrasty, with the water going to white and the buildings going to black. Again, the foreground buildings are solid black, indicating the photo has been tampered with. These contrast errors are very common in fakes, and we even saw a similar thing with faked photos of Sharon Tate, where her blonde hair suddenly became black.

Wikipedia almost admits the London bombing fake on its pages, telling us

Based on experience with German strategic bombing during World War I against the United Kingdom, the British government estimated after the First World War that 50 casualties—with about one third killed—would result for every tonne of bombs dropped on London. The estimate of tonnes of bombs an enemy could drop per day grew as aircraft technology advanced, from 75 in 1922, to 150 in 1934, to 644 in 1937. That year the Committee on

Imperial Defence estimated that an attack of 60 days would result in 600,000 dead and 1,200,000 wounded.

They now estimate around 40,000 dead across all of England, and of course that is vastly exaggerated itself. I encourage you to read for yourself that page on the Blitz and come to your own conclusions. Note sentences like this:

British wartime studies concluded that cities generally took 10 to 15 days to recover when hit severely but exceptions like Birmingham took three months.[11]

Hmmm. Ten days to recover from a severe bombing? Our recent ancestors were apparently magicians of total reconstruction.

The German air offensive failed because the Luftwaffe High Command (Oberkommando der Luftwaffe, OKL) did not develop a methodical strategy for destroying British war industry.

Hitler frequently complained of the Luftwaffe’s inability to damage industries sufficiently, saying, “The munitions industry cannot be interfered with effectively by air raids… usually the prescribed targets are not hit.”

Convenient for London, but unfortunately that is not the story we are told in other places, like, say, Dresden or Warsaw. Apparently bombers from both sides could hit targets when that was part of the story.

While the war was being planned, Hitler never insisted upon the Luftwaffe planning a strategic bombing campaign and did not even give ample warning to the air staff, that war with Britain or even Russia was a possibility. The amount of firm operational and tactical preparation for a bombing campaign was minimal, largely because of the failure by Hitler as supreme commander to insist upon such a commitment.

And you believe that? That this important series of airstrikes was never planned: it just sort of happened. Some German pilots decided one afternoon it might be fun and took off, I guess.

The Luftwaffe’s decision in the interwar period to concentrate on medium bombers can be attributed to several reasons: Hitler did not intend or foresee a war with Britain in 1939; OKL believed a medium bomber could carry out strategic missions just as well as a heavy bomber force; and Germany did not possess the resources or

technical ability to produce four-engined bombers before the war.

I reprint that to show you how little these historians respect your intelligence. They lie to your face over and over, and don’t even try to maintain any continuity. They contradict themselves every other sentence. One minute Hitler thinks air warfare is crucial, the next he doesn’t believe in it at all. One minute the Germans are great engineers with amazing factories, the next they can’t even produce large bombers. Seriously, read that page looking for bald contradictions. I bet you can find at least 100.

I also draw your attention to the Phoney War, which has its own page at Wikipedia. They admit the first eight months of WWII were phony. If they would only admit that of the rest of it.

Much civil-defence preparation in the form of shelters was left in the hands of local authorities and many areas such as Birmingham, Coventry, Belfast and the East End of London did not have enough shelters.[48] The unexpected delay to civilian bombing during the Phoney War meant that the shelter programme finished in June 1940, before the Blitz.[55]

Again, so kind that the Germans waited to start bombing until Britain was fully prepared, giving them eight months to build shelters. It’s continuously curious how well planned-out the bombing was from the British side, although they were the ones being bombed:

Based in part on the experience of German bombing in the First World War, politicians feared mass psychological trauma from aerial attack and the collapse of civil society. In 1938, a committee of psychiatrists predicted there would be three times as many mental as physical casualties from aerial bombing, implying three to four million psychiatric patients.[51] Winston Churchill told Parliament in 1934, “We must expect that, under the pressure of continuous attack upon London, at least three or four million people would be driven out into the open country around the metropolis”.

As usual, the highest officials seemed to know what was going to happen long before it did. We can suppose that their planning included investing in psychiatric hospitals.

Also convenient that the main shelters in London were the Underground stations. Down there the Londoners could be “protected” from seeing what was really going on outside above them. These sheltered people could be told what to believe the next morning by the media.

Although the intensity of the bombing was not as great as prewar expectations so an equal comparison is impossible, no psychiatric crisis occurred because of the Blitz even during the period of greatest bombing of September 1940. An American witness wrote “By every test and measure I am able to apply, these people are staunch to the bone and won’t quit … the British are stronger and in a better position than they were at its beginning”. People referred to raids as if they were weather, stating that a day was “very blitzy”.

Oh, that’s cozy, isn’t it? You might almost think these people had nothing to fear, and that they weren’t witnessing any real deaths:

According to Anna Freud and Edward Glover, London civilians surprisingly did not suffer from widespread shell shock, unlike the soldiers in the Dunkirk evacuation.[69] The psychoanalysts were correct, and the special network of psychiatric clinics opened to receive mental casualties of the attacks closed due to lack of need.

That is supposed to be a German plane flying over London on Sept. 7, 1940, the first day of the raids. Strange that the photo is from an Australian government collection, and that only the lo-res image is available. Note that is Australian, not Austrian. Nonetheless, several things jump out at a close observer. That is tagged as a Heinkel HE111, but notice how old it looks at a glance. It should have been new, since Germany was producing many new 111s at the time. Also notice the shadow on the left rear tailwing. Due to that shadow, it appears the wing tilts up on the end, doesn’t it? But it didn’t. The tailwing on the 111 was completely flat. The only reason it would be casting a shadow like that is if it was bent. The right main wing also looks bent on the end. But that indicates we are looking at a junked 111 pasted in or a model. The Germans wouldn’t have been flying a 111 with bent wings on an important mission like this. Another thing that looks odd is the apparent stripe on that tailwing. The 111 didn’t have such a stripe. There should only be a single line, which indicates the line of the flap. But here we see another line above that. The fuselage also doesn’t look right, since we should see a

cross painted on the side. We wouldn’t be able to see it on the shadow side, but we should be able to see the top of it on the light side. The other thing I noticed immediately is the propellers. They are way too sharp. They are moving so fast that cameras can’t stop them completely, and they should appear blurry to some degree. See other photos of propeller planes in flight online, in which we see either a big round blur—indicating a slow shutter speed—or smaller blurs, indicating a faster shutter speed. But we never see propellers stopped cold like this, again indicating a model pasted in.

You will tell me we do have convincing photos of bombed out areas in various cities, and I agree. But I think it is possible certain slums were targeted for demolition. The governors used the war as an excuse to remove blighted areas, which they could then rebuild at a profit, also accelerating gentrification. They are still doing it now in peacetime, as we have seen in various more recent false flags and fake events, including the 911 event. One of the primary purposes of that false flag was the removal of the trade centers. [The Grenfell Tower fire in 2017 may have been another of these, since it was both public housing and an eyesore. Being in a high-rent district in Kensington, the owners of the land likely figured they could make a better profit by getting rid of it. By the way, the building burned for 60 hours on almost all floors without collapsing, putting the lie to the claims during 911.*] The leaders of various countries may have hired foreign air forces to take out their undesired regions, or they may have simply ordered their own air forces to do the job. After 911 (and the evidence I have uncovered in this paper), I don’t believe it is off-the-table to propose the RAF may have bombed Britain themselves.

In previous papers, I have shown much evidence the war was largely managed and at least partially faked—including many fake photos from the Dresden event. We have seen that all the top Nazis were Jewish, that the Beer Hall Putsch was faked, and that Hitler was never a German citizen. Although Hitler was just an actor, it turns out he was related to top families in the British peerage, especially those with links to Liverpool like the Stuarts, the Houstons, and the Stanleys. Even more, the mainstream now admits that the German army was run by Jewish officers, including many Jewish field marshals and generals. In the paper on Hitler’s genealogy, we saw many faked photographs from the war. Here, I will show you many more.

As usual, I got into this paper in a curious way. Even when I try to get away from this research and take a break, I am pulled back into it. I have recently begun playing pub trivia with some local friends, so I was doing a bit of prepping yesterday by visiting a trivia site called Sporcle. One of the quizzes I was taken to randomly was a quiz on famous people together in photos. I was supposed to identify both people. This was one of the photos that came up:

I hope you can see why that hit me like a ton of bricks. Although it is quite easy to identify Hitler and Neville Chamberlain there, it is also easy to tell the photo is a fake. It is one of the worst fakes I have ever seen, in fact. Although Chamberlain’s head is the worst, the whole thing is a tragedy, and I can’t believe they still post it. Perhaps the most obvious clue is the line where Chamberlain’s forehead meets the background. See the black line there? That is a cutting error. Heads don’t have outlines like that in real life. They are outlined like that only in cartoons. Same for the back of his head, which is obviously cut and pasted.

Before I move ahead, I want to pause on Sporcle. Sporcle is actually pushing a lot of propaganda, so this is not a one-time thing. There were other faked photographs in that same quiz, and large parts of the site are devoted to pushing hoaxes old and new. You will say that would be true of any such educational or testing site, which is just regurgitating the given history. [These are pre-existing photos, you know, and I am not accusing the authors at Sporcle of faking them themselves.] True, but Sporcle is especially bad, since it is heavy with newer propaganda. It is hard to find quizzes there on “schoolboy” topics, the site leading with Harry Potter trivia, Game of Thrones trivia, and things of that nature. By “schoolboy” topics, I mean traditional trivia of the old Jeopardy type, or even of the old College Bowl type. As in “what every schoolboy knows”, from the old days. You will tell me that is also full of faked events and propaganda, which is true, but propaganda pre-1980 had a whole different feel than the newer stuff. Newer trivia is much lighter, being geared to the fluffy minds of the new youth. Newer quizzes have very little science, history, literature, vocabulary, geography, or art, being comprised mainly of current events and pop culture. It is all about Hollywood, TV, vidgames, sports, and celebrities. In the rare case art or literature is included, it concerns the latest Modern art or literature, which is neither art nor literature. The same goes for science, where if you get a science question it tends to be about Stephen Hawking or something, and you are expected to regurgitate the latest bullshit story from the headlines. Which all goes to say I suspect the big trivia sites of also being Intel fronts. They are pushing the sort of general “knowledge” that turns your mind to mush, making sure all your braincells are wasted memorizing the minutiae of their latest gambits.

You will tell me that is what trivia is. It is supposed to be trivial. Real knowledge isn’t trivial. But that isn’t true, either. Trivia doesn’t have to be fluff. I have to think that if they had trivia contests a century ago, the trivia would be comprised of minor facts in all categories, not the mind-garbage that is now

passed off as trivia. Every category of knowledge has its more important and less important facts, the trivia being the less important facts. In the old days, these were minor facts you learned with your reading along the way. Although perhaps not historically significant, they added a color to the history, literature, science, or art you were studying. For instance, although it might not be necessary to your understanding of Van Gogh and his art to remember that he roomed with Gauguin, spent time in London, or lived with coal miners teaching them the Bible, these were things that might stick in your mind nonetheless. To take another example, geography is full of trivial facts. While knowing Everest is the highest mountain isn’t trivial, knowing Sir Edmund Hillary was the first to climb it is. Even more trivial is his sherpa, Tenzing Norgay. Norgay would be hard trivia; Hillary is pretty easy trivia.

Ok, got that off my chest. Back to the fake photos. You may be wondering why they would need to fake photos of Hitler with Chamberlain. The obvious answer: they didn’t have any real ones, since the two men were never together. Hitler was an actor meant to fool the German people, and to fool the worldwide press. To achieve that, it wasn’t necessary to have him travel to meet real heads of state in other countries. He could have done so, but I guess that wasn’t cost effective. They figured it was easier and cheaper to just paste up some photos. Audiences were even easier to fool back then, and we may assume they didn’t study these photos in the papers closely for anomalies. Almost no one reads a newspaper or magazine that way.

Here’s another one, but this time only Hitler has been pasted in.

How do I know? The photo is small and blurry, so we can’t see the paste lines. But we know because the paste was poorly done nonetheless. Hitler doesn’t look right, does he? He looks short and squat with an oversized head. He is also leaning precariously to the port side. Don’t see what I mean? Well, compare him to Chamberlain, who looks tall and lean. He looks considerably taller than Hitler, doesn’t he? OK, so go back to the previous photo, where Hitler was taller. So something isn’t right. I will just tell you what it is, since I can tell even from this small blurry photo. Those legs are genuine, but they pasted the top half of Hitler in. They didn’t do a proper job of it, though, because they didn’t size him quite right.

Don’t believe me? Here the two men are on the same day, as we can tell from the clothing. But now they are exactly the same size.

Either Chamberlain has shrunk several inches or Hitler is standing on a box. If we search on Chamberlain’s height, we find he was indeed quite tall, being given as 6’2”. But it is known that Hitler wasn’t anything like that tall. He is currently given a height of 5’9”, and he probably wasn’t even that tall. That’s at least a five-inch difference, which can’t be made up with lifts or something. Which brings us to this photo, also from Chamberlain’s Wiki page:

That is supposed to be the signing of the Munich Agreement, but both Hitler and Mussolini are way too tall. Hitler is the same height as Chamberlain [measure them against the mantle behind], and Mussolini is only a couple of inches shorter. Which would make Mussolini six feet tall. But Mussolini was very short, being only about 5’3”. They list him now as 5’7”, but he wasn’t nearly that tall. In reality, he should be shorter than the very short guy there. Here he is with King Victor Emmanuel, who is famous for being just five feet tall:

Compare to this one:

There Mussolini is only about three inches shorter than Chamberlain, making him 5’11”. As we see from the photo with King Victor Emmanuel, that means Mussolini would need to be wearing 8-inch pumps. Even elevator shoes aren’t that high.

Here is one from the National Archives tagged Hitler and Chamberlain:

Am I missing something? Which one of those guys is supposed to be Hilter? The guy who is about a foot shorter than Chamberlain, with a French hat on? You have to be kidding me! He looks nothing like Hitler. Since when did Hitler become a Francophile, wearing French clothing?

And here’s one of Hitler and Chamberlain from the same visit we looked at above, apparently, since Hitler is again wearing the light colored coat:

Hitler, the incredible shrinking man, now four or five inches shorter than in the other pics from the same day.

Of course Mussolini is also shrinkable:

After being deflated, he is now several inches shorter than he was moments before. His head has also deflated by about four hat sizes. You have to laugh.

In this one it is Chamberlain who has been in the dryer too long:

The six foot two inch Chamberlain is now only about 5’8”, the shortest man in the picture. We can also compare Hitler and Mussolini directly:

Look how short Mussolini is there! Since Hitler and Mussolini were both actors from the same studio, I have no problem believing they were photographed together. That photo may be genuine. But

Mussolini clearly isn’t over 5’2” there, and may be shorter. Compare it to the one above, where Mussolini is about two inches shorter than Chamberlain and Hitler. Here he is six or seven inches shorter than Hitler. Houston, we have a problem.

Can you even believe they try to pull this stuff? Am I the first person in history born with eyes? Nobody has ever noticed this before? No one has ever noticed that pretty much all the historical photos are faked?

But if that last photo is real, it doesn’t mean all the ones of Hitler and Mussolini are real:

In that one, Mussolini has inflated by many inches, being only an inch shorter than Hitler.

Later, they deflated him once again, since he looks about four or five inches shorter there. And, conveniently, we can see his heel. It is normal.

Here’s a picture that is supposed to be Churchill “from the trenches of WWI”.

I guess the sun only shone on Churchill. Why is his forehead bright white while everyone around him is lit normally? Because it’s a fake! He was pasted in from another photo, where he wasn’t wearing that hat. Actually the hat is another clue. Some will tell me the flash bulb was aimed right at him, but if that were the case, his hat would also be far brighter. But the bright squares on the hat match the hat of the guy to his left (your right), proving the paste. Besides, they were outside: you don’t need a flash outside, remember? Also notice that the two hats, though similar, do not match. The squares on Churchill’s hat are larger, and his hat has no half-inch brim. Ask yourself why two guys in the same company would have hats that almost match, but not quite.

Why would that photo need to be faked? Because Churchill was a Spencer-Churchill, of the Dukes of Marlborough.

Such people dress in fancy uniforms, but they don’t get anywhere near real fighting. Look at him with his sword. Do you think they used swords in WWI? Sure, when they weren’t using longbows and catapults. I hear swords were quite effective against tanks.

Of course, Churchill wasn’t in the trenches in WWI. He was Lord of the Admiralty at the outbreak of the War, and the Lord of the Admiralty wouldn’t have been caught dead in that Royal Scots Fusiliers

uniform. Born in 1874, Churchill was 41 in 1916. As a younger man, he was allegedly a lieutenant with the Fourth Hussars. Thepeerage tells us he fought in Cuba, India, and Africa in the 1890s, but Wikipedia admits he was at most a journalist there. He was First Lord of the Admiralty until 1915, and was later Minister for Munitions. We are told that WWI photo is from 1916, and he is supposed to be a Lieutenant Colonel commanding the 6th battalion in Belgium. What a joke. The only believable part is the Lt. Col. title, which we have seen was a common one for Intel officers. It is a marker, that is, but it wasn’t his rank. Lords of the Admiralty don’t take demotions to Lt. Col. They sort of admit the whole thing was theater, since his battalion took part in zero battles, though they were in Belgium in the middle of the war. To make up for that, we are told Churchill personally made 36 forays into no-man’s- land, in order “to expose himself to danger”. Right. That just means he stepped outside the pub in Ploegsteert 36 times to piss on a tree.

This might be the time to insert a few genealogical tidbits of Churchill you probably weren’t aware of. His mother was American, from great wealth as well. Jeanette Jerome was the daughter of Leonard Jerome, King of Wall Street. He was a business partner of Cornelius Vanderbilt, and equally wealthy.

The Jerome Mansion was in New York on the corner of Madison Avenue and 26th Street, and that is only the corner of it. It had a 600-seat theater, a breakfast room which seated 70 people, a ballroom of white and gold with a champagne-spouting fountain, and a view of Madison Square Park. Jerome also owned the huge Bathgate Mansion in the Bronx. Churchill’s aunt Leonie Jerome was the lover of Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught and Strathearn, son of Queen Victoria. Churchill’s mother was the granddaughter of Aurora Murray, which also brings that name into the list. We just saw it in my update to my paper on Harry Potter. Rowling recently married a Murray and bought an old Murray castle. Jerome’s other grandmother was Elizabeth Ball, which of course takes us back to George Washington. So Churchill was closely related to Washington, something we are never taught. It also links us to the Beardsleys, Hitchcocks, Summers, Munns, Bisbees, Hales, Stiles, and Gregorys. Through the Jeromes we also link to the Fosters and Clarks. So the source of Churchill’s American wealth and influence was major Jewish money from trade. Any time they tell you any Churchill was spending more than he made, you can roll your eyes.

Geneanet ends the Jeromes in the 1700s, but we can switch to Geni, which tells us these Jeromes were previously Riches from. . . Salem. Before that we can trace them back to Gloucestershire, and Richard Rich, Lord Chancellor of England in 1547, in the rule of Edward VI. He is a primary villain in the film A Man for All Seasons. We have seen him in several previous papers, most prominently destroying the monasteries and stealing Church wealth for himself and Henry VIII. This genealogy of Churchill is never publicized.

Through the Riches, Churchill is also related to the Howes and Bathursts (later Hearsts). The Jeromes had previous married the Spencers of New York in the 1760s, these Spencers being related to the Fullers, Bates, Dunhams and Cranes. Through the Dunhams we are linked to Barack Obama, Ben Franklin and John Lennon. These Spencers go back to the knights of Bedfordshire in the time of Henry VIII. Before that they were Barons Le Despencer. So Churchill is a Spencer through his mother as well as his father.

Through the Spencer-Churchills, Winston was also a Stewart (Earls of Galloway), a Paget (Earls of Uxbridge), a Vane (Marquesses of Londonderry), a Pratt (Earls Camden), a Russell (Dukes of Bedford), a Leveson-Gower (Earls Gower), a Pierrepont (Dukes of Kingston-upon-Hull), a Cavendish (Dukes of Newcastle-upon-Tyne), a Syndey (Earls of Leicester), a Percy (Earls of Northumberland), a Devereux (Earls of Essex), a Dudley (Dukes of Northumberland), a Manners (Dukes of Rutland), a Montagu (Barons of Boughton), a Noel (Earls of Gainsborough), a Hicks (Viscounts Campden), a Feilding (Earls Denbigh and Desmond), a King (Barons Kingston), and a Knollys (Earls of Banbury). Through the Knollys, we again link to the Riches. Lettice Knollys’ son- in-law was Robert Rich, 1st Earl Warwick.

Also of great interest is who Winston Churchill married. His wife Clementine’s mother was Henrietta Ogilvy, whose mother just happened to be. . . wait for it. . . Henrietta Stanley. These were the Barons Stanley of Alderley. The first Baron’s mother was an Owen. Her father was Hugh Owen of Penrhos, Anglesey. Through her paternal grandmother, Churchill’s wife was a Campbell. Winston and Clementine met at a ball thrown by Margaret Primrose, whose mother was Hannah Rothschild. The 1st Baronet Owen married a Philipps, whose father was the 1st Baronet Philipps. His son-in-law became the 1st Earl of Anglesey. These Philipps were related to the Philips in Holland, as in Philips Electronics. This links us to Karl Marx, Elvis Presley, and the Rothschilds again. The Owens were related to the Tripps—think Linda Tripp of the Lewinsky hoax. Also related to the Perrots, as in Ross Perot.

Although Churchill hadn’t done anything of import by the time he was 25 except play polo and hobnob with his wealthy relations, in 1900 he won a seat in Parliament and immediately went on a speaking tour of England and the US, making about two million dollars. We aren’t told why anyone paid to hear him speak or what he had to say. No doubt he rattled on about escaping from a prison in Pretoria and other such nonsense. He couldn’t hold a seat in Parliament, being deselected from Oldham, turning from Conservative to Liberal to sit for Manchester, soon losing that as well, and then sitting for Dundee. Since Dundee is in Scotland, we aren’t sure how he managed that. I guess after that he sat for Funzie, on the Shetlands. Some of his great reforms at the time included trying to “sterilize the feeble- minded” (exceptions for those sitting in Parliament), and lobbying against women’s suffrage. At age 35 he was promoted to Home Secretary, which as we have seen was basically an arm of Intelligence. But this was appropriate, since Churchill had instructed the Army to attack striking coal miners in Rhondda. As such a man, he was well qualified to be Home Secretary.

At this time Churchill was also involved in the suspicious Sidney Street Siege, which now looks like an early false flag of some kind. All the usual numerology markers are present, including the fact that it took place at 111 Sidney Street. If you read the Wiki page on the event, notice how much it looks like an earlier version of the manufactured Waco Siege. Many were arrested but all were acquitted. One of the most famous of those allegedly involved, Peter the Painter, is now admitted to be a ghost. There is no evidence he ever existed at all. His photo, as posted by the mainstream sites, is an obvious fake.

One of the ones actually tried was Jacob Peters, and he later became deputy head of the Cheka—the Soviet secret police. But that’s not a clue, is it? He couldn’t have been European Intelligence all along, could he? Best guess is this event was drawn up by MI5 to create local fear and an excuse for bringing in the Army, same as now. Without constant acts of phony terrorism, the Government can’t maintain its huge levels of “defense” and “homeland” spending. They also appear to be blackwashing artists in this event, though I can’t say why. But remember this was during the steep rise of Modernism, so they may have been blackwashing traditional art, as they still are. At any rate, Churchill was photographed right outside the building during the supposedly dangerous seige, which is indication enough he knew it was all theater. His presence has been commented on in every possible way. . . except that one. More indication of that is that everyone, including Churchill, admitted that when the building caught fire, he himself ordered it be let burn. Again indicating that was the plan. As at Waco, the fake crime scene needed to be destroyed.

Churchill became a Freemason in 1902, still in his 20s. The rise of oil was helped along by Churchill, since as Lord of the Admiralty he switched the fleet from coal to oil. For some reason this switch was classified top secret. Could be because Churchill and his families were invested in oil. During his tenure the government bought all the stock of the Anglo-Persian Oil Company (later British Petroleum), which had been founded in 1908 to import oil from Iran. This company was headed by William Knox D’Arcy, but D’Arcy had been a partner of William Russell Hall and the Morgans. Of course William D’Arcy is also in the peerage, though he is mostly scrubbed. What we do learn is that his son William, b. 1873 (about the same time as Churchill), married a Baring, daughter of the Barings of Barings Bank. Her mother was a Schuster. They were also closely related to the FitzMaurices, Earls of Orkney and Viscounts of Kirkwall. The D’Arcys were descended from Bartletts and Knoxes. They are both scrubbed here, but the Bartletts are Baronets, related to the Robinsons. [Charles Darwin married a Wedgwood, granddaughter of a Bartlett from Wales.] The Bartletts ran Perry &Co, civil engineering contractors responsible for rebuilding Waterloo Station and many stations on the Underground. The Knoxes were the Earls of Ranfurly, related to the Perys and Brownlows. Also to the Stuarts, Earls of Bute; the Wortley-Montagus, Earls of Sandwich; the Campbells, Dukes of Argyll; and the Pierreponts, Dukes of Kingston-upon-Hull. Those last four names all link us to Churchill, as we have seen. So the best guess is all these top families, including the Spencer- Churchills, were invested in D’Arcy’s oil business in Iran, and profited enormously when the treasury

decided to buy all stocks in the company.

After the war Churchill was appointed Secretary of State for War, where he got involved in the Russian Civil War. No surprise there, since we have seen he was always an Intel officer, and the Russian Civil War was a staged event of European Intel from the beginning. At about the same time, Churchill organized the Blacks and Tans to quash the Irish War of Independence. This is why the old Irish hated Churchill. The Blacks and Tans were a British gestapo infamous for their unprovoked attacks on civilians and civilian property, and the encyclopedias like Wiki admit that. In other words, they were state-sponsored terrorists, the only real terrorists then and now. In 1920, the Blacks and Tans sacked Cork, destroying most of the central part of the city. Many in England pretended to be shocked, including the King (George V), but of course no one did anything about it.

Speaking of, here is a photo of George V with his cousin Nicholas II Romanov of Russia, “both dressed in German uniforms before the War”.

Note that both are dressed as Germans. That may help you understand both WWI and the Russian “Revolution”. George and Nicholas were actually first cousins. Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany was also George’s first cousin. Notice how much George and Nicholas look alike: they could almost be twins. The Danish Royals were also included, since George’s mother was Princess Alexandra of Denmark. Her sister Dagmar was Nicholas’ mother. Do you still want to tell me the War wasn’t managed? Are you going to continue to let the historians tell you the cause of the War was the assassination of an Archduke in Sarajevo? The assassination of one man justifies the mobilization of 70 million people? Supposing that assassination was real, wouldn’t a single murder trial have sufficed?

It is also worth repeating that we have discovered all these Royals were Jewish themselves, including George, Nicholas, Wilhelm, and all the rest. They all descend from lines like the Vasas, Radziwills, and Jagiellons, who were Jewish. We have traced these Royal lines back to the Crusades, in fact, discovering that they, the Popes, and the Byzantine Emperors all hailed from the same Armenian families (see the Komnenes).

Also ask yourself this: do you think a real war of 70 million people taking place over 4 years would be

limited mostly (in the West) to a so-called Western Front along the border of a neutral country? Ten million people allegedly died, but no major cities were attacked in the West? Not Paris, not London, not Berlin, not Moscow, not Copenhagen, not Munich, not New York, not even Brussels. The Germans didn’t even go after the biggest ports in Europe, Rotterdam and Amsterdam. On the page for Amsterdam, WWI isn’t even mentioned. Rotterdam is mentioned only as a locus of spies. What sort of war is waged without the attempt to control major ports? The older I get, the less sense these Wars make. And I don’t mean that as in “War is a senseless enterprise”. I mean that the stories don’t add up. The faked photos are just one part of that.

I pause to re-affirm that I haven’t got it all figured out yet. I still don’t comprehend how large the fake really was. I don’t know where to draw the line: what to believe and what not to believe. I still need to do a lot more research before before I can come to any sweeping conclusions. But the extent of the photographic fakery in both wars indicates a very broad hoax, which may include the faking of the death figures. That is, as of now I still assume a lot of people died, but I think it is possible the numbers have been inflated by many orders of magnitude. I know those glad tidings won’t be met in the spirit they were intended, since most people don’t like to have mainstream stories or numbers questioned. But just remind yourself how nice it would be if the numbers were inflated. It is not really a suggestion that should be met with anger or malice, is it? Any rational person should meet it with open arms, as a welcome possibility.

This doesn’t mean there weren’t any crimes against humanity in the wars. Even supposing the slums were cleared before they were obliterated by their own governors, I think we can all agree there is still a lot to answer for. But I will have more to say on this question later, once I understand more about what really happened.

*We are told there was no formal register of who was living in the Grenfell Towers, which is of course beyond belief. This indicates the victims list may also be fake. We have seen many other fake victims lists, including most recently the one in Las Vegas.


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