Fake Outrage As Trump Is The Gift That Just Keeps On Giving

Dear President Trump. I invite you to England with pleasure.

Whose hole? What hole? A mole in a hole? A poo hole? Shut your hole? I’m sure there’s a joke in their somewhere…. it is an absolute delight to hear the social justice warriors on the BBC profoundly express their disgust and disturbance at Trump’s latest alleged remarks. He’s so offensive! David Scott of Northern Exposure in this UK Column episode sums it up well and Hexenhoxensledgehammer999, you try remembering his name, also provides common sense commentary further below on the same Trump shit-hole comment.

Matthew Parris on BBC R4 Any Questions is an utter bimbo. Panelist after panelist lined up to slate Trump; indeed, they have no issue with being endlessly prejudice and nasty toward Trump themselves week in week out. BBC R4 Any Questions:

Published on 12 Jan 2018
Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with today’s news update from the UK Column.
START – MainStream Media fake news: staged outrage on Trump comments
05:18 – Media censorship: Facebook changing newsfeed information…
07:17 – Europol teams up with Facebook…chasing terrorist ‘ghosts’…?
08:54 – Sounding the alarm on state censorship: Leveson 2…?
11:52 – Sabine McNeill: update on court case
15:39 – BBC only trusted by 1 in 6 Britons: 17% of population…
17:07 – Daily Mail: plastic news far more important than Brexit rally
21:26 – Public Service Mutuals: government privatisation behind closed doors
25:09 – NHS: why do the majority of NHS staff not get the Flu vaccine…?
30:41 – UK military recruitment: open to offers…
32:42 – Immigration checks: banks and building socities now involved
34:05 – ‘New Scottish people’: refugee integration
39:23 – Scottish Chief Constable Gormley case meeting: no minutes taken…
41:44 – Scottish Police Authority: ‘A waste of time, useless, toothless’
45:12 – Britain is becoming a fascist state

Trump Allegedly Called Haiti a Shithole, then Don Lemon Weighs in and Makes a Fool of Himself


2 Responses to “Fake Outrage As Trump Is The Gift That Just Keeps On Giving”

  1. Tom74 says:

    It’s great for everyone. Think about it:
    Our journalists don’t need to do any journalism
    Our people don’t need to think
    Our politicians avoid scrutiny
    And the UK gets lots of brownie points from the American ‘deep state’ who are trying every trick in the book to overturn democracy and have Trump deposed

    • NPP says:

      I would suggest people are thinking; the BBC does not represent nearly as many as it might like to think it does.
      Our politicians are being scrutinised as perhaps never before because people have alternative sources of contemplation… like TAP.
      Matthew Parris accuses Trump of being an ‘oaf’. Matthew Parris is so out of touch; he has spent years among the media type chattering classes.

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