Barclays Bank subsidiary is bust to the tune of £100 million, somehow still trading


Third Energy has about £100 million negative net worth, late filing their accounts but somehow still trading and not being closed down as they should be.  Ineos is waiting in the wings to snap it up for cents on the dollar.   But Ineos won’t buy Third Energy unless and until they get the go-ahead to start a gas ford in the North Of England.

Greg Clark the Business Secretary is unwilling to put his name on the document to sign fracking into action in the North Of England.  He wants out of his position.

Theresa May will no doubt be looking around for a replacement, someone late in career who can be sacrificed afterwards – or maybe Said Javed is being lined up.  A corrupt cabal down in Westminster is trying to push fracking through on behalf of the corporations who can offer them tasty positions once they leave political careers.

Meantime keep up the pressure.  Third Energy should not be trading, and should be publicised as a bankrupt entity.  Greg Clark should stay in position.  He knows full well that there is not the skill within Britain to carry out a frack, and there is nowhere to dispose of the waste products.

Today on site at Kirby Misperton, locals are running Bring A Mate to KM8 – to bring along someone who doesn’t have any knowledge about what fracking entails.  Other details given for locals about events happening today (yesterday!).

Find Joe Boyd Crowd Justice in a search and help his legal costs challenging Justice Morgan ruling, which runs roughshod over Articles 10 and 11 of the Human Rights Act, allowing an injunction against all direct action against fracking.

People are waking up to the corruption of the world.  The government does not have the best interests of the people in its heart.  Can we guarantee that 2018 will stay frack free in England?  All other countries of the British Isles have banned it.  England is in the firing line, even after all that’s come to light about fracking.

Wake up to this, or wake up in a gasfield.    You don’t live in a Gas Field.  You die in one.

‘You don’t live in a gasfield. You die in one.’


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