War declared by British Judge against the British people

Decided yesterday.  Justice Morgan ruled that INEOS can keep their injunction in place – any form of direct action against fracking will be regarded as contempt of court, leading to jail or seizure of assets to compensate Ineos (no appeal possible).

Ineos is the private fiefdom of Jim Ratcliffe, who owns a massive chemical, plastics and refining corporation, worth about £5.5 billion, which is also the total value of Ineos’ borrowings.  He keeps scarcely a penny of his own money in his business, says Ian, which is, through its legal posture, enforcing the removal of British citizen’s democratic rights of dissent – across all aspects of life, not just fracking.

The judges, backed up from Brussels and the European Court of (so-called) ‘Justice’, now act as the agents of the moneyed and powerful corporations.  From this one decision of a single judge, traditional British Common Law is now dead in the water.

Britain is the land where Common Law grew over the centuries, one step at a time and where precedent limited the ability of judges to override what had been previously established as the law, without the intervention of the Sovereign body – the Queen in Parliament.  Under EU law, the judges can act as they want, favouring big money and corporations against the common man.  Parliament is nowhere, and the Law Lords of the House Of Lords are long gone.

Jim Ratcliffe (Pictured) is now God of our land, getting the legal outcome he desires to destroy our environment, kill thousands of people and destroy the health of maybe millions of others.  He went to school in Yorkshire and Manchester, but cares nothing for his fellow human beings.

Ineos’ assets are all registered in Switzerland, presumably to avoid Britain’s taxes.  He has succeeded in getting the judiciary to impose a ‘no opposition’ rule to his fracking developments, so that anti-frackers can no longer use direct action to stop him.

The result of this ruling goes well beyond Ratcliffe and his desire to frack the country, that created him, into universal chemical toxicity.  Any company in Britain that is up against dissent or opposition can use the Ineos ruling as a precedent to prevent effective opposition to any development.  There is now no separation between the courts and the corporations, unless maybe, just possibly,  Justice Morgan is playing a long game and he’s sending this issue up to higher authority, so that the final decision will be made in a higher court.

Joe Corre and Joe Boyd, the litigants who tried to stop the Ineos injunction, now have to consider appealing, which they can do if they get enough money and support from enough organisations – NGOs and private individuals.  Their costs have been well in excess of £15,000.  They need whatever assistance they can get to keep fighting for freedom of expression, and to save the environment where babies need clean water and air in order to live.

Go to their crowd-funding website to contribute, details in the video.

INEOS injunction judge rules against appeal – campaigners say the fight goes on

Judge Morgan denied the costs application from Ineos, as he said this is ‘a case of extreme public importance’.   That said, no one in the country except anti-fracking activists seem to have any idea that it is their futures which are being sacrificed, as they go about their seasonal Christmas feeding frenzy.  This is a cleverly timed moment to push this lethal decision through, as all are on the pre-Christmas treadmill, with no mind for much else.  The effects of the ruling will be felt in all corners of the land, not just North Yorkshire.  Yet nothing will appear in mainstream media to warn people their very existence is now being put at risk by the actions of one man – a man most have never heard of.

All citizens and especially libertarian NGOs need to wake up to what is now occurring.  Opponents to a frack or anything else, will be given a designated free speech zone, a protest pen, near the developments they object to.  They can’t make any effective opposition any more, unless this decision of Justice Morgan is overturned, which, if humanity is to have a future, it must be.   If you are human, you must fight here, or prepare for your children to deform and die in a cesspool of Jim Ratcliffe’s toxicity.  Don’t turn the page.



The Kirby Misperton decision is still in abeyance, and the equipment sits for another month unused in the completely unsafe location where it’s been rammed around the frackpad.  Maybe Clark’s been waiting for Justice Morgan’s decision.   Parliament is in recess until January 8th 2018.  Will he be aware of the facts of the lack of access for emergency services should there be a fire, or explosion?

Look up ‘Greg Clark’ and ‘Kirby Misperton’ on any search engine for the full story.  It all hangs with the decision of this one Minister.


The sovereignty of the natural human on this earth is at stake.  Go to www.ianrcrane.com or The Alternative View website.  People have to get involved or future generations will be subjected to lives of abject misery.  If you care about your kids and their kids’ kids’ futures, you have to get involved in this.  The increase in stillbirths and deformed births recorded in the US around fracking sites suggests that many will not even have the ability to form living and viable bodies, let alone enjoy legal rights.

Ian’s back online on  Tuesday 2nd January 2018 – which is set to be the seminal year for Britain’s prospects of freedom in the future, and the survival of her environment.  A sad day, a battle lost with Morgan’s decision, but the real battle is only now being joined.  The anti-frackers will declare a truce over Christmas, if the government also goes quiet in the holiday period.  Otherwise the jails will be filling up very quickly indeed, and the Ineos injunction will be put through its first tests.

Ian Crane and those dedicated to this cause will not be stopping any time soon.  They deserve your support, whether that’s money, you turning up at Kirby Misperton and elsewhere in your thousands, or, if nothing else, as keyboard warriors, leafleters and local campaigners painting ‘toxic’ on Barclays Bank branches, the owners of Third Energy, the cowboy outfit that’s intending to destroy Kirby Misperton.

The only thing for sure is that, from hereon, you can’t afford to do nothing.

We have no government, when this kind of thing is permitted to happen across our once green and pleasant land.   Money and greed must not be allowed to triumph over the health and wellbeing of humanity.  The Government is rotten to its very core in that it has no hesitation in pushing this abominable agenda, despite all the evidence available from around the world over twenty years and more.  This is the elite who think they live in a safe zone, willing the destruction and death of their own fellow countrymen for profit.

In a word it is war, declared by the judge, but a judge who is fully supported by the filth within the Tory government and the EU, and the corporations who keep them salivating for their brown envelopes, paid for with the blood and suffering of others who are, it seems, without a voice.

Those who do have a voice must not be silent.

Ian Crane also on Facebook  –  Humanity vs Insanity – The CRANE Report

How the health of the British people is being sacrificed



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  1. Mark says:

    Concise and clear. What a wake-up call. The ‘appeals’ over this, the line of lines, is a must-not let smash through. Where’s it going if not? What… perpetrators are only after gas and will pull-back from total takeover all disputes? May those who read this pass the link on and get to those less concerned. Not so aware? One post to end 2017 sitting top and centre. ‘Kirby Misperton and elsewhere’ is our make or break — UK or HMPUK? — frontline. And; ‘The only thing for sure is that, from hereon, [you] can’t afford to do nothing’.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Weird how this gets 10,000 admitted hits i.e. probably a lot more, and yet hardly a comment. The blog used to get loads of comments when we let the trolls in, but once we stopped the trolls boring us all to death, the regulators blocked the comments. Is that all parties happy now? Or no one!

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