Vibrio Vulnificus – frackers deliberately release flesh-eating bacteria

BP have admitted on film (since suppressed) that they are trying to use microbiology to chase the toxins they release into the environment.   These are causing strange illnesses around the Gulf Of Mexico.  The oil industry claims these illnesses are normal………………………

Ian R Crane mentions the fact that many microbiologists are dying in strange circumstances – over 100 have had mysterious deaths over the last 15 years.  What do these guys know?  Why are they being killed?  He says look this up on this blog at

Frackers try to buy the silence of the communities whose ecology is to be destroyed.

Look North put good reports onto the TV yesterday but only locals know what is going on from there.  There is no national TV reporting.  Alternative Media is very important, says Ian Crane, in getting the message further afield.

As regards waste disposal, they have no solution at all, despite their assurances saying ‘Trust me’.

It’s either evaporation pits which pollute the air and disperse the toxins everywhere, reinjection into the ground, or dumping at sea, mixed with raw sewage.  74 billion gallons e.g were dumped in the Gulf Of Mexico in 2014.  It carries on.

The safe disposal of the flowback water is the problem, admitted by the industry.  Many people in the US becoming sick.

They also are trying bio-remediation, where they introduce a genetically modified bacteria.  They have developed a mix of various bacteria all with Latin names.  One of these is called Vibrio Vulnificus, a known flesh-eating bacteria – which could have ramifications in the longer term future, way beyond dealing with frackwater.  Ian says as soon as he exposes something evil like the frack waste disposal situation, he comes under a lot of more serious ad hominem attacks.  These are ramping up, so he’s sure he’s worrying the frackers by discussing frackwater disposal.  This is their Achilles heel and they know it.

Every community being attacked by this industry must ask for full details of the waste the operation will produce, and where will this material be sent to?

Parliament goes into recess today, not back until well into January.  15th?  Another year is completed without any fracking in Britain.  Be aware that if fracking goes ahead, the legacy for future generations is unthinkable.  Join the battle to stop it.  Get involved.  Don’t rely on your County Councillors.

Ian R Crane signs off from Hay Tor on Dartmoor in the mist at sunrise on the winter solstice December 21st 2017.

He’ll be back livestreaming tomorrow morning.




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