Write and ask the government what information they are holding on you for a tenner.

The British Government tried to label anyone who objected to FRACKING as ‘DOMESTIC EXTREMISTS … although they have now backed off on this absurd accusation, there is little doubt that the UK Fracking Companies are holding data on those who they consider to be prominent players in the anti-fracking Community.

Now it’s time to find out precisely what information is being held on each of us by submitting a ‘DATA ACCESS REQUEST’ … although they can charge up to £10, they are OBLIGED to provide the information within 40 days. 🙂 . Search under SUBJECT ACCESS REQUEST online.

Go online, go to Data Access Request – Ian will send you the details of who to write to on his youtube channel over the weekend.

Tagabarclays campaign is going strong.  Go and tag ‘TOXIC BANK’ etc on the Bank’s windows with washable (blue) spray paint.  They own 78% of the company trying to frack Kirby Misperton.




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