UK Not Leaving €U Anytime Soon

The BBC push push push push against Brexit everyday. There are callers into Farage’s LBC show and to BBC 5 Live who do see what is happening. Perhaps most alarming is Jeremy Corbyn and Labour who have enjoyed support in recent elections partly on the back of a core Brexit vote, yet Corbyn & co are appeasing the politically correct identity and gender political groups while ignoring the Brexit vote.
This episode features mind boggling health related information from Dr. Graham Downing…. analysing the public via social media.
One of the few decent news presentations coming out of the UK is the UK Column. The bias by the BBC has become so blatant it is verging on comical.

Published on 15 Dec 2017
Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson are joined by David Scott and Dr Graham Downing for today’s news update from the UK Column.
START – Theresa May to focus on Brexit transition agreement
02:11 – Mogherini’s EU military: a global security provider…
07:54 – RAF has a new Qatari wing: meet 12 squadron
09:28 – Behavioural change in the NHS: a force for good or not…? UK Column analysis with Dr Graham Downing
26:53 – BBC uses RIPA terrorism laws to catch TV licence fee “dodgers”
30:53 – Child sexual abuse: Shatterboys UK revisited
37:50 – Scottish economy growth estimates below 1% until 2022…
39:31 – BBC fake news: Russia – a ‘new risk’ to undersea cables…


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