Toxic attacks on Barclays real or self-inflicted?

Protectors launch a ‘Winter of Dissent’ campaign against companies in the fracking supply chain.

Today, three branches of Barclays Bank were targeted by anti-fracking campaigners to highlight the UK bank’s involvement with the fracking industry. The protectors called upon Barclays customers to close their accounts at the bank, which has failed to divest from the toxic industry, despite promises to shareholders in the summer.

The protectors used washable chalk paint to spray anti-fracking slogans on the windows of the branches in Scarborough, Whitby and Malton in North Yorkshire; all within 30 miles of the KM8 fracking site in Kirby Misperton. Third Energy, the company hoping to carry out the first frack since the UK moratorium was lifted in December 2012, is 97% owned by Barclays Bank.

A spokesperson for the camp called upon businesses across the country to take responsibility for their actions.

‘In areas threatened by fracking, 90% of people are opposed to the industry; we’re calling on businesses to stand with their communities, not facilitate their destruction. Wherever fracking has been allowed to get a toehold, communities have suffered. Businesses have a responsibility to all their stakeholders, not just their shareholders.’

Calling on anti-fracking campaigners around the UK the spokesperson added ‘We urge everyone with concerns about the dangers of fracking to put pressure on Barclays Bank and any other company supplying the fracking industry. Join our Winter of Dissent, and help us keep the UK frack free’

Eddie Thornton

TAP – I wouldn’t put it past Barclays Bank graffitiing their own banks to try to win sympathy.  How could anyone get away with doing such a graffiti apparently in daylight with CCTV everywhere?  They would be caught and arrested.  This looks like it might be self-inflicted to portray anti-frackers as vandals.


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