Those currently in their 20’s are quite possibly the last generation of Humanity as we know it

“Those currently in their 20’s are quite possibly the last generation of Humanity as we know it!”      – Dr Graham Downing

Will Robots take our Children’s jobs‘ was the headline for a feature published in the New York

Times on Monday 11th December 2017.

The author asked, ‘So am I paranoid? Or not paranoid enough? A much-quoted 2013 study by the University of Oxford Department of Engineering Science – surely the most sober of institutions – estimated that 47 percent of current jobs, including insurance underwriter, sports referee and loan officer, are at risk of falling victim to automation, perhaps within a decade or two.’
The prospect of employment opportunities disappearing to advancing Artificial Intelligence is but the thin end of a very fat and somewhat disturbing A.I. & Trans-Humanist agenda. An agenda driven by people who a few years ago, would would have simply been regarded as ‘Futurist Visionaries’ by the Science Fiction community. Today, however, some of these ‘Visionaries’ are on the payroll of Corporations such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon & Tesla … and now have access to unlimited research resources, to turn their vision into reality, in their quest to achieve Humanity Plus.
AV8.1 brought together  Dr Graham Downing, Patrick Henningsen, Brian Gerrish & Ian R Crane, to share their observations and insights into the implications for Humanity (as we know it), as a result of the rapidly advancing A.I. & Trans-Humanist agenda. 
However, as with all challenges, there is also opportunity … but you’ve got to know what you’re up against!
With technology advancing exponentially, National Governments are only now beginning to comprehend the massive social implications of blending Artificial Intelligence into civil society. Already employment opportunities are reduced significantly as a result of automated manufacturing processes and with automated vehicles & drone technology, now being tested by Amazon, the implications for the population of HGV & delivery Drivers are not insignificant!
Ray Kurzweil, Director of Engineering at Google, has long envisioned the integration of technology into the Human brain. Seeking to advance the processing capacity by a factor of 100+. Kurzweil asks why parents would NOT get agree to their new born being chipped, as it would condemn them to being remnants of a less able Race; i.e. HUMANITY!

A more immediate impact upon society will be the advent of Human looking androids. Sex-bots are already available and development is well advanced to introduce the apparently sentient android, capable of real-time Human dialogue. Within a few decades, it is likely that fully sentient androids will take over many of the functions currently not only providing employment to a large percentage of the population but also on Human Relationships.

The United Nations has already expressed concerns over the development of ‘Killer Robots’; and many amongst the scientific community are now forecasting that the ‘Rise of Super Intelligent Robots could pose an unprecedented threat to Humanity!.

AV8.1 was convenened in London during October 2017 to address & discuss the opportunities and challenges for Humanity as the Technocrats push ‘Agenda 2040 : The Rush to Trans-Humanism’.

DVD ONE : Dr Graham Downing – ‘Trans-Humanism & the Rise of Interdimensional AI’

Silicon valley and its billionaires appear to have decided upon the direction for technological development; therefore, the Planet’s and our future; as one is entwined with the other. Where are we being taken, how will this happen and what is driving this change? Who can know for sure? It is therefore essential that we must examine the available data and know what we are walking into, before it is too late to turn things around!

Do Secrets of the Past hold the Key to Determining our Future?

DVD TWO : Patrick Henningsen – ‘The ‘D’ Generation : Slaves on a Digital Plantation’

Is technology making man smarter, or dumber? Whereas the Industrial Revolution and

subsequent advances in microprocessing held the promise of indefinite progress for mankind, the 21st century digital networking revolution seems to have something different in store for the west.

For the first time since The Enlightenment we are witnessing a downward slope in educational standards and intellectual development across core disciplines. Meanwhile, under the guise of “tackling fake news,” global corporate monopolies are carefully controlling what we see, read, think and talk about. Every move we make is harvested as data in a 24 hour digital matrix which tracks, records and commodifies everything we do. Can the individual survive this turbulent period in human development?

DVD THREE : Brian Gerrish – ‘Though Leadership & The Ten Commandments’

What is thought leadership? Who are the thought leaders? What Ten Commandments?

Where is all this taking us and why do we need to know? We need to know because knowledge and understanding are the key to stopping their thoughts…and unless we do that we’ll be very sorry indeed. In a world steadily slipping into chaos, madness and suffering this is a extremely thought-provoking talk you need to hear!

DVD FOUR : Ian R Crane – ‘Is HUMANITY on the Brink of Mass Extinction?’

Despite a reported Global Population of some 7 Billion, the Birth rate amongst the indigenous peoples of Europe is falling dramatically. Reduction in Male Sperm count and increasing gender fluidity amongst those under 40 are directly attributable to the volume of oestrogen in our water supply. Add this to the Technocratic Trans-humanist Agenda being openly pursued by the Ruling Parasites and it becomes difficult to see how Humanity (as we know it) can survive beyond the end of the Century!

The Ruling Parasites have unleashed ‘Bio-Spiritual Warfare’ upon the Human Race … are WE (the collective ‘WE’), going to rise to the challenge … or sit back and watch our children & grand-children be sucked into an irreversible Trans-humanist NIGHTMARE?

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