The woeful ignorance of Britain’s ‘gonged’ farmers.

Over the past FIVE YEARS, over 900 academic papers have been written on the impact of Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking) on livestock and food protection … yet the majority of UK Farmers still appear to have their heads buried deep in the manure!
Do your own research, says Ian Crane.  Please!!!!!
Some farmers are very bright, it has to be said….
……and here’s an example.

At 18 minutes into video at foot of this post Ian Crane mentions the goings-on during the Foot and Mouth Outbreak suggesting there is still a lot more to come out about that story.  But mostly he lists out the horrific environmental effects of fracking on human health, animal health, on the land, the water and the air.

Come on, farmers.  Get clued up and save yourselves.   You will be the first casualties of your own ignorance.  The rest of us will be next.  The whole of the North of England is to be a sacrifice zone, if you let it.


While I’m on about farming, sadly on the subject of fracking again, I should update readers who may be following my own problems with our neighbouring farmer, Mr Paul Hickson of Brooklands Farm in Dudleston, Shropshire, as shown in the video below from last summer 2017.

I wrote to Owen Paterson the local MP who lives two miles away from Mr Hickson and who knows him.  He sent a copy of my letter to the Head of the Environment Agency, who asked Lisa Pinney MBE, Area Director West Midlands, to reply to me.

Lisa Pinney MBE

She wrote back quite a long letter, based not a personal visit by herself, but on a report from the local officers of the Environment Agency who did visit the site, and who earlier gave permission for Mr Hickson’s water works.  She points out that the EA are pleased that Mr Hickson is no longer polluting the stream and has separated the foul from the clean water, and that this was the sole purpose of the new system.

She added that I am apparently disappointed that my share of the water is now less than it was, but the Environment Agency feels they have done a good job.

I am writing back to tell Lisa Pinney MBE that while I agree the stream below the one in the video, called the Bryn Daniel, is no longer as polluted as it once was, I would be delighted to be so ‘disappointed’ as regards having a lesser flow than we had previously.  There is, in fact, no flow of water at all now to be disappointed about, even in the wettest of wintry conditions.

Let’s hope she is able to assist in the re-establishing of the stream, of which 95% goes straight back into the brook once it gets to the farm through the underground pipe.  All that’s been done is to take the flow away from our farm, where it has run since time immemorial.

Mr Paul Hickson (not Peter Hickson his cousin and neighbour), incidentally, attempted to get a fracking well on his land in 2015.  Fortunately he realised his mistake in time and the community rose up and made enough resistance to drive it away.  The Enviroment Agency gave permission for that too, which is extraordinary for an organisation that claims to be helping the environment.  Surely they must know?

My next reply to Lisa Pinney MBE via Owen Paterson is with the lawyers and will be sent next week in all probability.

Her bio shows she is someone who takes an interest in fairness, so let’s hope for a good outcome to this situation, once she has all the facts.

Lisa is Area Manager for Staffordshire, Warwickshire and West Midlands at the Environment Agency, where she has worked in numerous operational and national roles for 17 years. She is also the Executive Champion for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans diversity. Lisa is a Chartered Waste Manager and a Chartered Environmentalist.

Lisa was made a Member of the British Empire (MBE) for services to equality in the workplace in the 2014 New Years Honours List.

TAP – How about equality of water supplies between farmers?  Technically I am a farmer, as I bought my father’s farm from him in 1991, and we sell grazing.   I need to check my own levels of ignorance, according to the title of this post.  We all have things to learn, and learning can be an enjoyable and interesting experience. The term ‘gonged’ is explained by Ian Crane in his video (which some clever person had removed from the post now replaced).



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