The Officially Ignored Link Between Lyme Disease and Plum Island claim their nanoparticle silver product ACS200 can cure Lyme Disease.  They’ve been claiming that a number of years.  I haven’t yet met a Lyme patient who can confirm that.

Mainstream medicine will tell you not to use silver as it’s a toxic metal.  Yet silver kills bacteria most effectively and viruses.  ACS200 is a very powerful way of delivering the silver to the bacteria.  You can breathe it in with a nebuliser to get the maximum dose into your blood stream, or swallow a few sprays to treat stomach infections.  I notice they never test for silver when they test for toxic metals even though it’s 50% of amalgam in the fillings in your teeth.  They always test for the mercury however, and tell you to get your fillings changed to reduce your toxic load for that reason.   I wonder how silver, never previously mentioned, is suddenly so toxic, now that it’s being used successfully as a medicine – bad for business maybe?  Lyme won’t bring in the fortune for pharmaceutical companies if silver can knock it out.

That said rnaresults is a highly profit-driven business and I’ve no idea who is behind it.  The silver is powerful to my knowledge.  I’ve seen it cure post-operative skin infections that couldn’t be cured by anti-biotics for months.  That could save a lot of lives, and get a . lot of people back into active life who are currently struggling.


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