The BBC Educate Children On ‘Truth’

The BBC are using their £3.74 billion from the taxpayer to teach children on the ‘truth’ and recognising fake news. The BBC are a classic example of truth inversion. I suspect many of the BBC presenters do not even know what they do.

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Ellis with today’s UK Column News, including:

UK Column News – 6th December 2017

START – Relax: the BBC will educate children on ‘truth’…
04:20 – BBC Newsround: fake news agenda for school children
06:53 – BBC and MainStream Media: fake news everywhere
08:49 – BBC Newsround: who is the anonymous fake news ‘expert’
11:33 – Who is pushing this policy…?
14:37 – What is the effect of this policy on our children…?
15:52 – BBC track record on truth and justice
17:51 – UK Column analysis with David Ellis
20:41 – The Telegraph: Great Repeal Bill ‘explanation’ fake news
22:41 – Where is Boris: UK-EU-NATO military unification in secret…?
27:26 – UK Column analysis with David Ellis
36:22 – The public must get active: ask questions & share information
37:51 – UK ‘doesn’t rule out buying F35A jets’ – no carrier capability
39:59 – MOD bans Philip Hammond from using its planes: owes £2bn
41:00 – Meanwhile Hammond wants another 28,000 soldiers sacked…
44:05 – Downing Street under threat…? MI5 makes hay…
45:01 – Final thoughts and suggestions for research


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