Stand With Binomo?

Was Nikki Haley the victim of a prank? It is a bizzare call, see below…. 21st Century’s Patrick Henningsen then posted a spoof photo of Bana and some did not like it…

From Patrick Henningsen’s FakeBook page…

‘Patrick Henningsen JK Rowling and Establishment have already monetized Bana, she’s on tour now in US promoting a US/NATO war narrative, she a multimillion cash cow now. She’s in LA last week, selling books about Aleppo and the evil Assad. Poking fun at this is not the same as the corporate machine that’s using Bana to sell their story. Satire is simply one way to disarm it.’

Was Nikki Haley pranked by Russians, or are these tricksters fooling us all?

Prank with Nikki Haley (Ambassador USA to UN)


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