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This morning BBC R4 Today moaned about Brexit, interviewed Obama’s ex photographer who wants to remind us how charming the last President was compared to the white supremacist we have now and then they featured a mosque in Bedford and how wonderful it is we have this symbol of the Abrahamic belief system still invading these shores. Oh, and because of man made climate change swallows are arriving early so we’re all going to die. Nick Robinson, oh how I look forward to the morning you fall on your sword. Apart from that life’s rosie!

By comparison a news programme with bugger all budget yet providing such quality packed minutes… literally, every minute is almost as worthwhile as a whole 3 hours of the Today programme.

From Patrick Henningsen’s FakeBook page:
What a news program today w/ Mike Robinson and Vanessa Beeley, powerful and comprehensive. Enjoy the show…
UK COLUMN: UK Gov’t Funding Terrorism in Syria, Macron’s Meltdown, Michael Flynn, City State Agenda
00:26 – Is the UK Foreign Office financing Syrian terror with taxpayer funds…?
05:30 – BBC and Mainstream Media in a tailspin…the removal of free speech
08:55 – Aid funding – where does all the money go…? Obfuscation and secrecy
14:45 – BBC: investigation after seven years…war crimes monitoring kept secret
16:10 – BBC Panorama tonight: who is Adam Smith International…?
18:16 – 21st Century Wire: Vanessa Beeley article on possible media whitewash
22:52 – The Kosovo connection…is the terrorism template being exposed…?
24:48 – Geneva Press Club loses government funding: another attack on free speech
26:51 – Claims of ‘800,000 secret documents about Assad’s war crimes…’
30:12 – Brexit: Northern Ireland border an excuse for ‘customs partnership’
32:26 – Tony Blair confirms he is trying to reverse Brexit…
33:42 – Africa: Macron visits Ghana, Burkina Faso and Ivory Coast
34:20 – President of Ghana speaks out…Macron and Western media disinterested
40:00 – Macron working for International banking and the Jewish lobby
40:45 – Cities agenda: Global Covenant of Mayors for climate and energy
45:55 – European Commission at the heart: UKC analysis with Mark Anderson
49:22 – USA: attack on Michael Flynn continues…along with Russiagate
54:14 – CIA directorship up for grabs…who choose? Who is Tom Cotton…?

… and if you are sat working as I do and have the luxury of adequate listening time, the perfect complementary programme is The Sunday Wire:
Episode #212 – ‘London Fascism Week’ guests Ian R. Crane, Mike Robinson, Basil Valentine


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