2017. ‘Quakers’ fail again.

Barclays Bank, slavers, and frackers, are a Quaker (i.e. Jewish front) foundation.

Barclays Bank own Third Energy which is trying to destroy North Yorkshire’s environment, starting in Kirby Misperton.

‘Quakers bringing on quakes’, no less.

The only frack to date that happened in Britain at Press Hall led to numerous earthquakes same as fracking has done everywhere else in the world, just one of the consequences of fracturing rocks underground and releasing gases and chemicals to the surface where they destroy any living being in their pathway, including humanity.

Greg Clark the Business Minister has as yet not put his signature to give permission to frack at Kirby Misperton.  The Sunday Times indicates that there is a cabinet reshuffle coming in the New Year.  Clark looks like he’s being moved on.  Sahid Javed might be coming in to the Business Minister position.  No doubt he’s going to just ask where to sign and collect the gravy payoffs from the energy industry.  Let’s see.

Ian Crane’s summary of 2017 includes a congratulation to Jim Ratcliffe of Ineos for making it completely clear what the real fracking agenda consists of.    A nightmare for all the people living in the North of England.

Crane ridicules the various spokesmen and comments of the fracking industry in his usual blustery style – exposing the lies, exposed to all weathers.  There is no excuse for not knowing – not knowing how people will be dying, stillbirths and deformities to come, if this goes ahead.

There is no safe way to dispose of the waste products.

You don’t live in a gas field.  You die in one.

How the health of the British people is being sacrificed

The anti-fracking movement is full-on fighting this abomination.  Get out and join them.  Every arena is needing people, money and reinforcements to keep this fight running throughout 2018.

Theresa May might actually want out of the fracking nightmare.  It was a David Cameron legacy.

Maybe with enough push, her supporters will realise they’ve been lied to – people like Owen Paterson, and his brother-in-law Matt Ridley, the sock puppets who were paid to promote the destruction of their own country and towns through fracking, and the deaths of thousands of their fellow countrymen.  If you’re as rich as the crypto-Jewish Ridleys, do you really care about killing a few thousand of the goyim peasantry?  Hardly.  It’s the family business.

Boots on the ground are needed every day to stop them and the likes of Jim Ratcliffe.  500 people at each anti-fracking site, and the industry would be over, but sadly that number has not as yet been reached often enough, as not enough people understand their very lives are at stake.   Get in your vehicles and get down to the camps, get involved.  Thanks for all you’ve done, says Ian.  But more people are needed…now.  Or be ready for the consequences to your children’s health, and your own.  It’s a no-brainer.

Make 2018 a freakin’ frack-free year.


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