One man could bring British farming to its knees.

What will be left of farming if fracking takes hold?

Ian Crane starts the day at another beautiful location bathed in winter sunshine as it rises over the horizon.  Doesn’t he ever sleep?

This time he’s in the South of England, near Epsom. on The Weald.  Here the threat is acid fracking – chasing not gas, but oil.  The devastation of the land will be the death knell of farming if it goes ahead.

This kind of extraction requires an oil price of $75 a barrel to be viable.  The price is currently not that high, but is rising right now as the weather gets cold.

But that’s not the reason the oil price is rising.

Jim Ratcliffe bought the Forties pipeline from BP.

Lord Browne cut back all the safety measures in BP leading to numerous catastrophes around the world as pipelines were not maintained properly, and other installations blew up.  The Forties pipeline was sold by BP due to its condition.  Jim Ratcliffe (worth £5.5 billion) bought it.

That pipeline has now had to be shut down for two weeks for maintenance, and fuel’s going to be short.

That is of course boosting the oil price in the short term.  If he can keep the pipeline shut to boost the oil price above $75, he can then make investments in fracking projects, currently hopeless financial sinkholes, viable.  He will run a media campaign to say Britain needs fracking, which we do not at all, if the pipeline were to be maintained properly, and our infrastructure properly managed.

Ratcliffe is always pulling off scams.  He threatened to shut down the oil refinery at Grangemouth to bring the trades unions to heal.  He was bribed £134 million by the government to keep the oil refinery open.  He then paid £130 million for his luxury yacht with the proceeds…..

He don’t care about anything except money and not one jot about the environment or farming.

His company INEOS has a monopoly on the distribution of refined fuel in Britain.  He is also invested in plastics, reeling from the media campaign to stop the dumping of plastics into the environment.  He’s looking to turn things around and become the hero not the villain.

Jim Ratcliffe is acquiring more and more energy infrastructure.  Dong Energy.  He is becoming a fuel monopoly, an oligarch who can control the country’s economy, control and manipulate society and the government.

He has no shareholders, a majority shareholder of INEOS.  He needs to be controlled.  He has no sense of responsibility.  He is a corporatist, only interested in his own personal wealth.  He’s looking to become the Rockefeller of the UK.

On the slopes of Leith Hill, and the like, tinpot bankrupt companies are looking to frack.  If Jim Ratcliffe can keep Britain on edge about its oil supply during the winter, the price can be manipulated upwards, and the companies begging to frack the land to oblivion, can rub their hands with glee, as this will be used to manipulate public opinion in their favour.

Barclays Bank is a significant holder of Ineos debt.  Carry on with the ‘tag a Barclays’ campaign.  Barclays have disposed of a tiny part of their share of Third Energy, thanks to the campaign.  They still own 75% of it.

Fracking will destroy the British countryside and the farms that once graced the landscape.  British farming has never been under so much threat.  Ian Crane needs to be listened to.  Farmers, your moment has come.  Fight or be destroyed.  Same goes for the rural communities.

They are currently asleep – especially in the South where chasing greater wealth and paying off debts is all they seem concerned about.  It’s time for everyone to wake up.  We’re being screwed over and our whole way of life is under threat.  Our air, our water and our land.  Nothing will be left if Jim Ratcliffe succeeds in filling his pockets, while he destroys the health and future of a nation.


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