Massive electrical scarring across landscape of the American Southwest

As Thunderbolts Project activities grow a bit quieter over the New Year weekend, perhaps this is a good time to acknowledge one of the most encouraging surprises for us over the past two years.  Speaking here of the very popular scientific contributions by Andy Hall, who’s drawn our attention to massive evidence of electrical scarring across the American Southwest. Andy asks what we should look for if lightning has sculpted that vast and sharply defined landscape? He answers the question emphatically in his two latest submissions on “The Lightning-Scarred Planet Earth, Part 1” and “Lightning-Scarred Planet Earth, Part 2.” You can access these contributions as two Space News videos and as Thunderblogs.

Week by week, we are posting a link in our newsletter to the “Essential Guide to the Electric Universe.” For both scientists and general readers, this Guide has become an invaluable introduction to electricity’s role across the cosmos, an EU compendium that continues to draw attention from scientists the world over.Also, if you’ve not yet subscribed to The Thunderbolts Project YouTube Channel, that could be the best way to keep up with the latest developments. Almost 19 million views so far, and heading toward 100,000 subscribers within a few days.

Best to all in the New Year!

Dave Talbott and Team


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