It’s more fun in the Philippines…

….even as regards soldiering.  Video.  Music and dance is such a strong part of the culture you can’t keep it out of anything.  Even the troops fighting Isis at Marawi made dance videos.

I always miss the relaxed atmosphere in the country.  We’ll be back there again soon.

Meantime all the best to our friends and readers in the Philippines.  Enjoy your Paskong Pinoy!  (Filipino Christmas)

And congratulations to Digong (President Duterte) on a very successful year.  Let’s hope he can build on his successes in 2018.

Here is Bravo Company, the 74th Infantry (unbeatable) Battalion doing their thing.

Filipinos should give happiness lessons to the rest of the world.  It could do with some.

Picture – another happy group of AFP warriors.


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