The government plans to frack the whole of Britain, using a PLC to grant the licences.

Greg Clark the Business Secretary has delegated this duty to sign off fracking developments to The Oil & Gas Authority.  In reality this body is not part of the government, same as The Bank Of England is not a government owned bank but a privately owned bank.  The Oil & Gas Authority is a public limited company, not part of the government at all, while masquerading as  part of the government.

Challenging the government is crucial in every way we can think of.  Where is the Achilles heel of the government’s fracking campaign?  They keep cutting legal corners, and making mistakes which are being successfully exploited.  It’s a game of cat and mouse, here described by Ian Crane.

Follow for the latest up to the minutes news on this.  It could become crucial.

The Oil & Gas Authority’s declared aims are to maximise extraction of oil and gas onshore and offshore in the UK.  It has no interest in environmental issues, Health & Safety issues and anything else other than extracting hydrocarbons.  It is nonsense that Greg Clark wants to delegate his responsibility for fracking licences to this body.

The Chairman is Sir Patrick Brown, who is also a director of Camelot Lottery.  CEO is Dr Andy Samuel, previously held senior position as 20 years with BG Group (spin-off from British Gas).  This Group created the fracking environmental disaster in Southern Queensland since 2006.  The land is no useable for agricultural purposes.  (See ‘Voices From The Gasfields’ on youtube Ian R Crane channel).  Most families take money to keep silent after fracking pay-offs to keep silent about the environmental disaster.

BG Group divested themselves of the Queensland catastrophe which has been sold to Shell.  Dr Andy Samuel is now running the government’s supposed decision-maker – The Oil & Gas Authority, the very people  Greg Clark, Minister is hoping to hide behind.

The Oil & Gas Authority is skipping the vital planning stages and are allowing PEDLs to be put into production phase without going through proper process.  These permits are talking of fifty year licences for production, in the twilight years of hydrocarbons being the basis of energy.  They are stepping way beyond their authority, either deliberately or through total ignorance.

There are no environmentalists, health and safety experts working within The Oil & Gas Authority (a PLC) – no representation of the people affected, farmers, other industries.  Greg Clark is trying to hide behind the Oil & Gas Authority.  This attempt is being made to override the legislation passed to protect the British people from cowboy outfits.

The fracking companies are all broke, but are selling stock to unwitting investors looking for enhanced returns on their dwindling pension reserves.  These people will lose their shirts.


Ministers questioned over Kirby Misperton fracking plans

Post from Drill Or Drop

171210 KM Eddie Thornton

Third Energy’s Kirby Misperton site waiting for a decision on fracking, 10 December 2017. Photo: Eddie Thornton

Fracking Week in Parliament

MPs have questioned ministers in three departments over plans for fracking at Kirby Misperton in North Yorkshire.

Third Energy, the company behind the plans, said in early November it was ready to frack the KM8 well. It has since been waiting for final approval from the Business Secretary, Greg Clark.

A loophole in the Infrastructure Act, which would have allowed the KM8 well to avoid the need for Mr Clark’s final consent, appears to have delayed the decision. (See DrillOrDrop report).

Since the loophole emerged, MPs have put nine questions to ministers on the criteria for the decision, the timetable, ministerial correspondence with Third Energy and regulation of the site.


Caroline Lucas, Green, Brighton Pavilion, asked whether Mr Clark had received a certificate from the Health and Safety Executive required under the Petroleum Act and whether consent would be granted without it.The Energy Minister, Richard Harrington replied:

“Where an application for hydraulic fracturing consent is made, the Department requires that appropriate arrangements have been made for the independent inspection of the integrity of the relevant well as set out in condition 2 of section 4A of the Petroleum Act 1998.”

Dr Lucas also called for the decision on fracking at KM8 be delayed until an investigation had been carried out into chemicals used at KM3, another well at Kirby Misperton.

The Environment Minister, Therese Coffey (top left), said:

“Any concerns regarding the chemicals used in the KM3 well should be directed to the Environment Agency.”


Rachael Maskell, Labour, York Central, (bottom left) asked about what assessment had been made “of the adequacy of the KM8 pipeline to transport shale gas safely from the KM8 well.”

The Pensions Minister, Sarah Newton, (above right) replied:

“The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has inspected the pipeline and is content that the gas from the KM8 well can be safely conveyed within the pipeline, under the current risk management systems employed by Third Energy.”


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