Happy Coca Cola and Shopping

Yes, it’s true.
Those Pilgrims and Puritans we think so highly of
thought celebrating Christmas was sin!
The Christmas we know and love today?
Thank Coca Cola and 19th Century NYC department stores.

– Brasscheck TV
TAP – Christmas is all part of the illusion – the illusion of freedom and having a life other than as a slave to the system.  To an extent, it is true in that you are permitted to stop work without sacrificing pay in most cases.  Families are brought together with no regulators or government officials calling at your door, or sending you mail, tax demands and so on.  Just for a day a year, or maybe a week if you are lucky, your life is your own.  The community can function as it used to do, in one place, whole and relaxed with plenty of sleep if you need it.  The kids are away from the treadmill of schooling and can play.  Families can head for local parks to walk off the dinner.  Even wars are put on hold.  Markets are closed.
The control systems of TV, Hollywood, religion, Royalty, celebrity and glitz, however are never far away.   Most people subscribe to these most willingly.  It’s fun having your mind controlled by these, especially if you have no idea that that is what is happening to you.
The Pilgrims wanted everyone strictly controlled through religion, but it was found over time, to be a lot easier doing the same thing (controlling people) through mesmerising peoples’ brains with technology, than by flogging them if they failed to reach a certain standard.  Being in a prison while being convinced you are free is  slavery in its modern form (although most people have an inkling).
Flogging and canings were horrific experiences for my grandfather’s generation.  As a teenager, he had received 14 strokes of a naval cane, allowed only the thinnest of cloth over his skin.  He couldn’t sit for days.  I met a man who had been birched by a Policeman when he was 5.  He’d be long dead by now, but even aged 90, he was asking why such an awful thing had been done to him while so young.  If you are interested, you can read how this whipping between the legs, leaving bloodied scars was done to children until quite recently.  Flogging in British jails only stopped n 1947.  It still goes on in many other parts of the world.  Torture is a very effective device, it has to be said.   I saw the last ten years of the corporal punishment system at primary and prep school in a much reduced form, but still extremely painful, and it had a definite effect of making you approach everything with great caution – for years afterwards as well as at school.  It was of course mind control.  In the US the paddle is being brought back.  The use of torture for control has not been got rid of.  It’s just that there are so many other ways to control human populations now.
History is only told partially – so you know only about the bits they want you to know.   TPTB would prefer you not to know any real history at all.  All the evidence of the past is being slowly obliterated behind us as we go, except for the deceptions which live on.
But there are very able people who can decode the true stories from within the myths.  Follow The Electric Universe, featuring Walter Thornhill and David Talbott at www.thunderbolts. info, for example.  Read Ralph Ellis’s Queen Scota, or his From Cleopatra to Christ, and finally his King Jesus Trilogy.  You can gradually unravel the deceptions which inform everything feeding through down the various channels by reading authors such as these, or watching.  A more recent historian (working on more recent history) might be Miles W Mathis at www.mileswmathis.com.  I like his history as it derives from his skill in interpreting photographs, as he is a firstly an artist.  His science and mathematical works I find less convincing., but still interesting and thought-provoking.  In fact he needs to study The Electric Universe himself.
( I started ‘getting it’ by listening to the late Dr Stan Monteith about seven years ago.  His viewpoint was as a surgeon who dedicated his life to fighting AIDS, only to find that the government had no intention of fighting AIDS.  In fact they were spreading it through the Hepatitis vaccine.   This realisation was a watershed moment for him and the scales fell from his eyes. )
Once you detach yourself a little from the control systems that keep you in place, you will find the world a very different place.  Maybe you will be able to progress spiritually, and start to receive prompts from less earthly entities, relying less on calculation and more on intuition, receiving messages from outside directly.  You might start to see the battles that are going on between those who want you controlled one way, and those who want you controlled in another, and care less about them, as they are failing as regards yourself.
By living between two countries, you can get more perspective on how different societies are controlled.  Very different ways are used in different parts of the world, but the effects are exactly the same.
Whatever freedom you manage to experience, enjoy it, as it may be short-lived, like everything else.  Fear is a pointless emotion, like jealousy.   It makes you all the easier to control.  Peace of mind and contentment are the ultimate earthly destination, and necessary for the assumption of knowledge.  If you are stressed, it is too hard to allow your mind to know anything real, and it’s easier to carry on in denial.
Switch off the TV.  Don’t get an aerial even.  Don’t read newspapers too often.  Don’t worry.  You won’t miss much.  You’ll soon find people worth following and things that make more sense by doing your own investigating.  Make Christmas and The New Year the time you let go of it all – for good.
(this writing is very bunched up in the view.  I apologise.  It’s not so in the edit.)

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