Guardian Story Is In Your Face Fake News

Who is Olivia Solon? Do I even care? I follow the likes of Vanessa Beeley who provides apparently excellent on the ground journalism. Why isn’t she invited to share her experiences on the BBC or within UK mainstream newspapers? We can only conclude because Vanessa’s version of events contradict the official party line and the official party line seemingly presents inaccuracy that helps promote and support UK state intervention into other people’s business and ultimately deaths. Olivia, really, what a nonsense you seem inclined to contribute to the poor standards we experience within UK news media today.

I cannot recommend the UK Column highly enough. This is their last show of 2017 and another year of superb efforts on a tight budget. They are free to watch, yet I recommend if possible, consider a subscription to support them and their collaborators.

Just imagine if we were provided with wide reaching useful information by the £3.74 billion state broadcaster upon which we could make more informed and hopefully better decisions for all our general health and well being. It is possible, but we, the bods down here at street level, must support the likes of UK Column, Vanessa Beeley, Ian R. Crane etc. I can bemoan the BBC and I feel it useful to do so, it is monitoring the use of taxpayer money. But, I can support where I can and I do subscribe to UK Column. Thank you UK Column for another year of excellence.

Published on 19 Dec 2017
Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with the last UK Column News of 2017. We will be back on Wednesday 3 January. We would like to wish our viewers a fantastic Christmas and New Year and we hope to see you in 2018.

START – House of Commons inquiry into online hate (of politicians?)…
08:39 – The Guardian: disgraceful ‘propaganda’ article
10:42 – Meet the Guardian journalist responsible: Olivia Solon
13:31 – How the Guardian propaganda piece is crafted
22:00 – Guardian: advertising for AI company who profit from misery
25:12 – Aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth is leaking…
29:15 – Aircraft: 14th F35 delivered…to the desert
30:14 – ‘Britain’s record on job creation is second to none…’
32:59 – Steel industry opportunities in Britain…
37:02 – Standing up for real journalism in 2017


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