George Monbiot Obsessed With Vanessa Beeley’s Income Source

How do characters such as George Monbiottom keep their gigs? He has called Piers Corbyn a bad weather forecaster because Corbyn does not buy the Man-made climate change scam. He also apparently questions Vanessa Beeley’s credentials because she says the White Helmets are a scam. C’mon George, grow a pair and go head to head with Vanessa.

Episode #215 – SUNDAY WIRE CHRISTMAS SPECIAL: ‘Shotgun Betty Meets Santa’ with guests Kris Kringle, Basil Valentine & Friends

About 2 hours 35 mins in…
The Xmas scene in Aleppo, all faiths and denominations celebrating, has been made possible thanks to Assad, the Syrian government ans Syrian Arab army and its partners including Iran, Hezbollah and the Russian defense forces who secured victory over US, French, UK, Turkish, Qatari, Saudi, Israeli criminal Salafi terrorist brigades armed by the US and paid for by taxpayer funds and Saudi oil blood money. If our governments had it their way Santa would have a black beard and a Kalashnikov in one hand and a machete in the other. If The Guardian and the George Monbiot’s of this world had their way it would not be Xmas in Aleppo, but ISIS and Al Nusra flags

Deconstructing Olivia Solon’s Dim Conspiracy Theory of ‘Russia-backed Bloggers’ Undermining UK FCO White Helmets


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  1. emm jay says:

    Talking of ‘growing a pair’ and leading by example, interesting content in the half hour vt from the incomparable Milo.

    Stefan Molyneux’s Christmas Spectacular with Milo Yiannopoulos.

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