Farming in UK will end. Frack waste may become the final nail in the ecology of this densely populated island.

The Gulf of Mexico is a TOXIC Soup. Two-thirds of the world’s supply of dispersant + 2 million gallons of COREXIT were pumped into the Gulf of Mexico in the aftermath of the BP Deepwater Horizon disaster in 2010. Then recently, it was revealed that 74 Billion Gallons of FRACK WASTE was dumped into the Gulf in 2014 alone! Yet the UK Government & the Unconventional Gas Industry stays strangely silent when challenged on their plans regarding the disposal process for FRACK Waste in the UK! If FRACKING wasn’t bad enough … the FRACK WASTE may be the final nail in the Ecology of this densely populated island!

INEOS are looking to establish fracking in North Yorkshire, South Yorkshire and Lancashire.  These are beautiful areas which are rarely visited by the mass of tourists heading north to Scotland.

Tom Pickering of INEOS gets totally SPANKED in public debate … the last 55 seconds of this video says it all! :


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