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… another non-white immigrant Trump supporter – it’s a bleedin’ epidemic!

I’ve received Xmas cards and 2017 newsletters talking of Trump’s Tweets and bemoaning his alleged support for the KKK. I love Trump’s Tweets – better than the BBC. Trump has plenty of ‘non-white’ support, but you are unlikely to hear about it from the corporate media.

Seth Rogan? I’ve been blocked by Twitter for tagging Seth Rogan. This chap, Dr Shiva Ayyadurai, an immigrant to America, apparently invented the first e-mail system – I don’t know about the e-mail claim – has had a Twitter run-in with Seth Rogan.
He’s going to run against Elizabeth Warren. Warren supported the Monsanto GMO bill ‘for the lefties out there…’
Bill Mitchell, ‘Christian pro-Zionist’ is an enthusiasic Trump supporter and gives accurate analysis, despite the Abrahamic-Zionist slant which is not my cup of tea to say the least.

YourVoice™ Spotlight (12/18) “Dr Shiva Ayyadurai, PhD – MA Senate Candidate”

Just FYI Bill Mitchell’s Your Voice America now runs a Latino show for all the Latinos that Trump ‘hates’ becasue he’s such a white supremacist neo-Nazi…. zzzzzzz.
YourVoice™ TuVoz America (12/14) “Hispanic Outreach Show!”


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