Duterte asks for another year to finish the drugs war

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Interestingly one of our drivers in Manila was attacked by a gang of four men in his taxi yesterday.  He grabbed the hand holding the gun and twisted it round to kill the assailant but it was only a plastic weapon.  The men ran off, straight into a Police patrol and were arrested.  It ended up all over the TV networks.


The taxi was impounded by the Police as necessary for evidence, losing two days’ takings – the only loss incurred, as it happens.  No case will be brought against the ‘holdappers’ (I love Filipino misuse of English) unless the driver files a case.  How can he?  The gangs will come round and sort him if he does that.  The Police won’t prosecute.  It’s crazy.

This kind of thing wasn’t happening when Duterte’s drugs war was in progress.  Peace reigned on the streets. Just two months since he cancelled the extrajudicial killing of drug dealers, under international pressure from bodies like the EU and the UN, the drug gangs are back on the streets.  There is no legal process to stop them.  There is only one way to sort them in the Philippines – the Duterte way.

The CIA makes its money from drugs so all the usual do-gooders are trotted out to object to the killing of those who will destroy the Philippines, if they are not stopped.  It’s hard for people in Europe or the US to understand the situation as it is in countries like the Philippines.  Legal processes are a waste of time in most cases.

Duterte’s support from army and police includes the Moslems such as this general.  A little is in English even referring to UK propagandists.  They’re not so dumb, you know.  They know who the enemies of the Philippines truly are.

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  1. Tapestry says:

    Where’s the link to the article gone? It’s becoming the norm for someone to delete key parts of posts. I suggest you search for the headline above on an engine, if interested in the details. Duterte backed down for two months, and he needs to consolidate his position politically with the media losing no opportunity to attack him. The ordinary Filipinos seem able to ignore the mainstream media, and still support Digong, as Duterte is known by the people. They know there is only one way to stop the criminals and that’s fear. Digong has promoted the former commander of the AFP (armed forces) in Mindanao, to head up the whole army – General Anu, although the rules demand a delay in the appointment. If he can get his own men in control of the AFP, then the PNP (Police) would be more likely to dance to his tune. After two years and winning the battle with ISIS at Marawi, he still hasn’t consolidated his position politically within the country, but he’s still trying. There are too many Commissions, like Human Rights, Elections and so on which he has no control over. These he will have to take control of if he is to succeed. The clock is ticking, and he isn’t getting any younger. The Philippines needs him to succeed. ISIS helped him to make progress. The NPA are making aggressive noises with the occasional massacre carried out (communists). These attacks ae certainly helping Digong to hold off his critics, and for the CIA who are no doubt behind them, counterproductive.

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