Devon & Cornwall Police announce they are to carry sub-machine guns at local fairs and events

The hundredth episode of Insanity versus Humanity kicks off with this startling fact.

From there the conversation goes onto the Trans-humanist Agenda, which was covered at the latest Alternative View conference.  Graham Downing’s presentation included.  DVDs of the event now available both on, and on

Patrick Henningsen, Brian Gerrish and Ian Crane’s presentations included.

AV9 is next conference with very few tickets left.  30 more tickets being made available for the weekend at £150 each.

Under 1939 Cancer Act it is still illegal to claim there is any cancer cure other than chemotherapy.  This is why some speakers’ talks are not available on DVD from earlier Alternative Views.  But make no mistake there are many very important treatments which people should research, and which some have claimed have cured their cancers.

Here are three.

  1.  B17.  Laetrile.  Novodalin.  Read G. Edward Griffin’s book – World Without Cancer.
  2. Fat For Fuel by Dr Mercola.  Sold in Waterstones.
  3. The Sacred Plant on Read Cannabis Revealed by Dr Bonni Weinstein.

New book ‘Undercover’ is covered, explaining how organisations involved in political opposition to the State/Establishment is penetrated by private security firms who get involved in relationships with activists, procreate children and destroy lives in furtherance of their ‘work’.

As the fundamental fabric of Civil Society is systematically destroyed, what’s it going to take for the people of the UK to WAKE UP to the FACT that they are now living in a Country which is effectively a Corporatist Police State … hiding behind the thinnest of veneers, yet still somehow managing to masquerade as a ‘Democracy’? If you think that the Establishment has ANY interest in YOUR well-being … you’re not paying attention!


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