Crypto-Jews crawl all over Christmas

I was hoping to send something amusing to an old friend far away, and thought Steve Martin (see his story below) might offer something suitable for an electronic Christmas card.  But oh oh oh!  Here he is, at it again – pulling stunts to undermine American cultural identity – so many here and including trying to remove America’s guns.

Don’t they ever stop?  Clearly not.

(Card is a shortened version of the video below featuring mainly the guns, the demonised kids and the burning tyre, and the weirdo hillbilly)

The campaign to get rid of privately owned guns in the US, and undermine the culture never stops, not even for Christmas.

Very disappointing.  The government wants slaves everywhere, people who don’t think, can’t talk back and definitely can’t shoot back.

I think I’ll call my friend instead.

No doubt there’ll be some Christmas false catastrophe laid on somewhere, to go with the funny Christmas card, hoping people will fall for yet another attempt like Vegas, where all the victims for some strange reason have false names.

Turn off the TV.  Cut off the media.  Enjoy the peace of a non-propagandised Christmas.  Nature’s out there waiting for you.  Peace on earth.  Goodwill.  Every day of the year.

And keep a gun or two locked up safely in the cupboard, just in case someone tries your door, as they did last year at midnight on Christmas Eve at our place.  Luckily the door was on the chain, and the assailant bolted.  Not that the Police were interested in recording a non-crime.  It was simply the wind opened the door in their opinion.

As for Steve Martin and his curious career, see below –

Steve Martin

A Wild and Crazy. . . Genealogy

by Miles Mathis

First published April 21, 2017

Put end words first.

Bad art serves to displace good art, and— believe it or not—that is one of its main purposes. Why displace good art with bad art? Because bad art has been very useful to the billionaires. It works far better in money laundering and is far easier to control as a fake market. See my paper on money laundering. It is also far more useful as an arm of Operation Chaos, by which the same families keep everyone else confused and disempowered. Old art —like Classical music—orders the mind and strengthens it. New art and music does the opposite, stirring the mind and frying all its connections.


This is just my opinion—except for all the genealogy work from mainstream sites, which is not just my opinion.

Steve Martin is a funny guy, and I don’t mean to imply otherwise. But I don’t like his promotion of Modern art, so I consider him a fair target. Actually, anyone is a fair target for the truth.

If we check Martin’s genealogy at geneanet (Tim Dowling), we find he is a Stewart, Ford, Colson, Harrell, Perkins, Warren, Chandler, Ball, Smart, Key, Watts, Hicks, Burton, Winslow, Lott, Osgood, and Fowler. Wow. Masticate on that for a while. So like everyone else famous we have looked at, he is closely related to all the top families. Dowling tells us we are all related. . . but not like this. I am not related to any of these families, and you probably aren’t, either. Through the Balls, Martin is related to George Washington. Also to the Forbes. And of course to Lucille Ball. Through the Osgoods, he is related to Mary Osgood of the Salem Witch Trials. His line goes straight back to Ipswich and those very Osgoods. Also to the Fowlers and Warrens of that event. Since Mary Osgood was actually a Clements, he is related through her to Mark Twain. Through the Fowlers, he is related to the Pillsburys and Chases.

His first wife Victoria Tennant—married four times—is the daughter of the famous ballerina Irina Baronova. Her father Baronov is scrubbed, but he probably comes from the Baranovs/Baranovskis of Poland and Russia, prominent crypto-Jews. See for instance Nicholai Baranov, involved in pre- Revolution antics like the Narodnaya Volya. This was a fake Socialist organization (there are no real ones) that allegedly assassinated Alexander II (date 3/13/1881). We will look more closely at that another time.* And the Baranovs aren’t always crypto now, as we see from Matwai Baranov, a famous

Israeli wrestler who finished fourth at the Olympics in 1992. The Baronovs may also be related to the Baron-Cohens.

On her father’s side, Tennant is also a Riley and a Garnett. As we saw yesterday, Grover Cleveland was also a Riley. The Tennants are in the British aristocracy, with a recent famous Tennant being David Tennant, son of Baron Tennant. David started the Gargoyle Club, originally a retreat for Modernist agents and later an anti-art project that spawned painters Francis Bacon and Lucian Freud, among others. We know these are the same Tennants, because they were marrying Winsloes from way back. Since Steve Martin and his wife Victoria Tennant both have Winslows/Winsloes in their genealogies, we may assume they are cousins, indicating Victoria may have been a beard. They do this a lot in Hollywood and LA, using cousins to act as co-beards.

Anyway, David Tennant’s grandfather Charles Tennant was the first Baronet, being given that title due to his fantastic wealth, which he got from various very interesting sources: Chairman of the Union Bank Scotland, President of the United Alkali Company, and Chairman of the Nobel Explosives Company. As such, he was one of the richest men in England and the world. He inherited much of his wealth from his father, also Charles Tennant, who discovered bleaching powder. This first Charles Tennant had started out as a silk weaver, indicating Jewish roots. His mother was a McClure. By the 1830s, his bleaching plant was the largest chemical plant in the world of any kind. It consumed 30,000 tons of coal a year. Despite that, they try to sell him today as a liberal and a reformer. Right. Sort of like the DuPonts now—the great liberals. Tennant soon branched out into other chemicals, metallurgy, and explosives. How liberal of him. His chimneys in Glasgow covered the city in smoke and ash, but there were no laws at the time to prevent it. Being “liberal”, he no doubt lobbied to limit his own environmental depredations, don’t you think? The Tennants are related to the Gores, with the current 9th Earl of Arran as his 4g-grandson.

British model Stella Tennant is his 4g-granddaughter. She is also the granddaughter of Andrew Cavendish, 11th Duke of Devonshire. Her grandmother was Deborah Mitford. . . yes, one of the Mitford sisters we saw in my papers on Hitler. So Victoria Tennant has that link as well. The model Honor Fraser (Roxy Music) also descends from these Tennants, as do other famous Frasers. Remember that, because the name is about to come up again.

Like Martin, Honor Fraser got involved in “art”. She now owns a modernist gallery in LA. Here is the front page for its website:

What is that, the storage room? Why lead with that? Because it is the most beautiful image from the website. No, really. All of the art is complete garbage:

That is one of the exhibits. Don’t ask the price. At least Steve Martin isn’t collecting stuff like that.

It is also interesting to find Jeremy Blake on her list of artists. See my paper on him and his fake death.

The current Dukes of Argyll and Rutland are also descended in direct line from Charles Tennant, as was the 4th Baron Tennyson. Two things to note: 1) these Dukedoms are fairly recent, 2) Dukes are the highest ranking in the peerage, under the Royal family.

So, we are told Steve Martin was a baptist from Waco, Texas, but I don’t tend to believe it. You now understand why. He was connected to everyone in Hollywood from birth, so my assumption is he is mostly Jewish and from the top Jewish lines. If he was really from Waco, I don’t know what his family was doing there. Best guess it has something to do with Connally Air Force Base, which was still there when Martin was born. Regardless, they admit he was raised not in Waco but in Inglewood and Garden Grove, CA. Inglewood is a big red flag, since it has been a spook hangout for decades. There were famous KKK events there back to 1922, and since the Klan was an Intel front from the beginning, we may assume Inglewood was a base of operations. These people are lazy that way and tend to organize their events within walking distance of the Intel offices. With no other information, it would lead us to guess there is a military base nearby. There are two, including LA Air Force Base within falling distance. My guess is Martin’s father was connected to that, which would confirm my guess about Waco. Glenn Martin was actually an actor as well, and he had appeared with Raymond Massey in productions in England during WW2, including Our Town. Massey was from huge wealth, being the grandson of the founder of Massey Ferguson tractors. Raymond Massey had been an officer trainer at Yale during WW1, and later played the first Sherlock Holmes in a talkie. He was recommissioned in WW2, and we may assume he had high rank, although it isn’t given. Being an actor, he was likely in Intelligence. I would guess Colonel or maybe even Brig. General. Finding him on Martin’s page linked to Martin’s dad just confirms my guess once again.

In high school, Steve Martin was a cheerleader at Garden Grove High School. This is another red flag,

since Garden Grove is just a five minute drive from San Pedro and Torrance, big spook communities we studied in my paper on Manson/Tate. There is a large decommissioned base in San Pedro (Fort MacArthur), and admitted Intelligence Colonel Paul Tate lived in San Pedro in the 1960s with his family. I showed much evidence he was the Manson event coordinator. MacArthur is still in use by the LA Air Force Base, confirming my guesses once again. Somehow, Madonna got permission to film parts of her Like a Prayer video there, another clue to the location’s real status. Disneyland, another spook production, is on the north edge of Garden Grove. Martin later worked there.

Martin’s first girlfriend or galpal was Kathy Westmoreland, another red flag. She later allegedly had a relationship with Elvis, remember? She has no Wiki page linking out from Martin’s page, and we have to go to German Wikipedia to get more info on her. Weird. Even there she has no parents listed. However, with more research it looks like she was related to 4-star General William Westmoreland and the Nixons. Wiki admits she was a “distant” relative of the General. That looks like another of their lies or hedges, since it appears she was closely related to him. If the relationship is so distant, why scrub it? Remember, General Westmoreland was Chief of Staff of the Army during Vietnam. On the paternal side, the Westmorelands descend from Rushes and Rileys. We just saw that Victoria Tennant was also a Riley, so apparently Steve Martin only hung out with his cousins. If we go back a couple of centuries, the Westmorelands are Earls in Durham, England. They were actually Nevilles, Earls of Westmoreland, later changing their name. The 4th Earl married Catherine Stafford, daughter of the Duke of Buckingham. Wow. Catherine’s mother was Eleanor Percy, daughter of the Earl of Northumberland. We saw Northumberland in my paper on Daisy Ridley. Her mother was Maud Herbert, daughter of the 1st Earl of Pembroke. The Percys were also later Dukes: see Lt. Gen. Hugh Percy who (supposedly) fought for the British in the American Revolution. His mother was a Seymour. He married Lady Anne Crichton-Stuart.

We need to pause there and take breath. We have just been reminded of my guest writer’s paper on Michael Crichton. Also to another guest writer’s paper on Hollywood, including the Fondas—who were Seymours. But perhaps more importantly we have been linked to the Stuarts. Run your eyes back above and see that Steve Martin was a Stewart. Stewart/Stuart. Same thing. Steve was not distantly a Stewart. His mother was a Stewart. Well, Kathy Westmoreland was also related to the Stewarts, so we have a second indication they were cousins. We will find more Stewarts below.

At this juncture in the Westmoreland genealogy we also find the houses Devereux, De Vere, Howard,

Berkeley, Woodville, Grey, Greystoke, Poynings, FitzAlan, and Baskerville. Duke of Buckingham Stafford’s wife Katharine Woodville later married Jasper Tudor, half-brother of King Henry VI. This takes us right to the top. On the maternal side, the Westmorelands descend from the Gibbes who founded Charleston, SC. Before that they were in the English peerage on a separate line, related to the Coventrys of Aylesborough. See Sir Thomas Coventry, 1st Baron, Solicitor General, and head of the Star Chamber. Through his children, the Coventrys were soon related to the Saviles and the Earl of Shaftesbury. If we go even further back, we find the Gibbes related to the Jessops, the Taylors, the Pitts, the Bennetts, and the Rodes (Rhodes). While in SC, the Gibbes married into the Broughton family. See Colonel Thomas Broughton, President of His Majesty’s Council in the Province. This Broughton married Anne Overton, daughter of Maj. General Robert Overton. These Overtons were descended from Swifts of Essex and Palmers of Yorkshire, indicating they were also of the peerage. These pages at Geni are managed by a Leah Hoffman, which I also take as a clue. In short, Kathy Westmoreland was from the same families as the rest, with many crypto-Jewish lines going way back.

For the next big red flag, we find Martin teaming up with Stormie Omartian, said to be his second girlfriend and performing partner. She later became a huge author of Christian books. This is a problem, since she was born Stormie Sherk, which is a Jewish name. See Scherk cosmetics. They are a very wealthy family, and my guess is Stormie comes from them. She has no genealogy online, not even parents listed. Her husband Omartian is supposed to be Armenian, but what sort of name is Omartian? That isn’t Armenian! A search on the name Omartian pulled up nothing, from Armenia or anywhere else. This is another joke, and she might as well be Stormie O’Martian, or alternatively Stormie the Martian, Peroxide Queen of the Stormy Red Planet. So what is this Jewish lady doing writing Christian books from the surface of Mars? Does she have her own room in the Curiosity Rover?

You will say she converted, but that wouldn’t be my guess. They like to control the opposition, as we have seen over and over, and this is one way they do it. They infiltrate everything and turn it to crap. The Power of a Praying Wife certainly qualifies in that regard. If you have ever wondered why so much of the evangelist Christian movement looks so idiotic, now you know: it was meant to. Opposition control, once again. And yes, by that I do mean that Jewish interests infiltrated American Christianity, planting many agents, and making it look ridiculous on purpose. It has been a very good way to destroy support. You will say they wouldn’t or couldn’t do that, but they have done it in every field they wished to blackwash: art, feminism, environmentalism, unions, republicanism, the anti-war movement, race relations, sexual relations, education, the family, and on and on. We have caught them at it again and again in previous papers. So why wouldn’t they do it with Christianity? In fact, this infiltration of Christianity has simply been a part of the old Theosophy project. While they were importing and bastardizing foreign religions in order to compete with Christianity, they were at the same time infiltrating Christianity and blowing it from the inside. This is how they work, and they have been incredibly successful.

But let’s wipe the tears away and move on. We see my reading of Steve Martin confirmed once again by his next girlfriend, also Jewish: Nina Goldblatt. For a baptist boy from Waco, Martin sure seemed to run into a lot of Jewish girls. Maybe it’s because they were both working at Knott’s Berry Farm, also Jewish. I assume Walter Knott was Jewish, since we have seen the name before in my paper on Hitler. And you are going to love this: although his genealogy is mostly scrubbed, Knott was also a Dougherty, a Rowland, a Hale, a Forsythe, and a Frazer. But wait, haven’t we already seen that above? Yep, spelled Fraser. Victoria Tennant was related to the Frasers, and since she and Martin were cousins, Martin was related to them as well. As I told you in my Manson/Tate paper, large parts of the Los Angeles area are spook communities, and we have seen congregations not only in Laurel Canyon, San Pedro, and Torrance, but also in Echo Park. It looks like we can add Inglewood and Garden Grove to the list.

To finish out a line of thought here, we find Steve’s current wife as Anne Stringfield, about 26 years his junior. Is she Jewish? Yep. So according to my research, Steve has never been near a woman who is not Jewish. Is she his cousin? We don’t know. She has no genealogy posted.

So let’s return to Steve Martin’s Wikipedia page. There we find an early close friend of Martin given as Morris Walker. Who is Morris Walker? Well, he later wrote Martin’s biography, along with Barrett Whitener. Other than that, I found nothing but a short bio, with no real info. However, the name is a clue by itself. Note the name Walker. It is from the same families. Remember George Herbert Walker Bush? We just saw the name Herbert above, and here we have the name Walker. Even the first name may be a clue: Morris. The families recycle surnames as first names, and Morris/Morrison is also part of the clan. We saw them both in my paper on Lizzie Borden.

Martin made his TV debut on the Smothers Brothers’ Comedy Hour. I assume the brothers were also Jewish. They put on a good show, but there it is. Their father was a decorated Army officer. His mother was a Reid (Reed), which may link them to John Reed. That is a good guess, since we find Erica “the Disconnetrix” Howton on these pages as the manager, trying (and usually failing) to break the most important links. Tommy Smothers’ middle name is Bolyn, which is also a clue. Remember Anne Boleyn, wife of Henry VIII? Dick Smothers’ middle name is Remick, linking them to Lee Remick and others. Lee Remick’s mother was Gertrude Waldo, related to Ralph Waldo Emerson, which links them to the same families. On the maternal side, the brothers are Abbotts. This is also a clue. Why? One, because the Abbotts were involved in the Andover Witch Trials of 1692, same time as Salem. Two, because the Abbotts are related to the Spencers. We soon find them in the Smothers’ genealogy.

Although the genealogy is heavily pawed at this point, this may link them to the Spencer- Churchills of England, Dukes of Marlborough. In support of that, it is known the Spencer-Churchills are related to the Abbotts as well, both being prominent in the British peerage. The Abbotts have been Barons back to Lord Chief Justice Abbott in about 1800. They are also related to the Stuarts, with the 3rd Baron being Charles Stuart Aubrey Abbott. His mother was a Stuart, and her mother was a Stewart, perhaps indicating incest. In fact, it is through the Stewarts that the Spencer-Churchills and Abbotts are related: Winston Spencer-Churchill’s great-grandfather was Charles Stewart, 3rd Marquess of Londonderry. The Abbotts were also involved in the East India Company, confirming the main line of reasoning here. That was a Jewish enterprise.

See Maj. General Frederick Abbott, for instance. Also his brothers Maj. General Augustus Abbott, Maj. General Saunders Abbott, and General Sir James Abbott. They were all sons of Henry Abbott, a very wealthy Calcutta merchant in the EIC. It is also worth looking at Maj. General Herbert Edward Stacy Abbott. Why? Because it reminds us of Stacy Herbert and Max Keiser. You will tell me that is just a coincidence, but I don’t think it is.

Also, I remind you again that Steve Martin’s mother was a Stewart. This indicates he was related to the Smothers brothers.

Tommy Smothers has a grandson named Phoenix Parrish-Smothers, which is also a red flag. Parrish is a variation of Parris, and I send you to my paper on the fake Salem Witch Trials, where—as you will remember—the lead character was faux-Reverend Parris. I showed he was a Jewish merchant as well, simply posing as a Puritan minister.

If you are old enough, you may remember that the Smothers brothers had David Steinberg on the show to give sermons. No, seriously. Steinberg’s father was a rabbi and David himself is a Jewish scholar.

But let’s skip ahead past Martin’s comedy and film career, which I have little problem with. It wasn’t until 1993 and the publication of Picasso at the Lapin Agile that I began to smell a rat. In short, the book stinks, being nothing but transparent propaganda. Like Woody Allen’s later film Midnight in Paris, it is the poor attempt to whitewash previous propaganda, giving it another coat of varnish. Martin’s book concerns a meeting of Picasso and Einstein (and Presley!), where they chat about genius. Yuk! If there is one thing I do not require, it is words put into the mouth of Picasso and Einstein by Martin. But we can see what he is up to: we know Einstein is Jewish, I have outed Presley as Jewish, and Picasso was also Jewish. So this is just the continuation of several old conjobs.

In his private life, Martin has also been assigned the same project: buying and exhibiting and blabbing about Modernism and Modern art. Take this link to see “a Peek Inside Steve Martin’s Art Collection”, but get your barfbag well positioned below your chin first.

They couldn’t find anyone else obsequious enough to drool on Steve for this show, so they removed the embalming fluid from art critic Jerry “Old Yellow Tooth” Saltz and propped him up on a stick. There is nothing beneath an art critic, as we know.

“Stars” in this collection are Eric Fishl, Willem De Kooning, David Hockney, Cindy Sherman, Lucian Freud, Roy Lichtenstein, Maxfield Parrish, Pablo Picasso, Francis Bacon, and David Park (below).

Gee, I wonder what all those artists have in common? No, they aren’t Maasai warriors or Esquimeaux. Note the name Parrish, which we already saw in this paper, linked to Tommy Smothers. And, given the image above, there can be no mystery why I think Martin is a big phony when it comes to art. David Park is one of the worst famous figurative painters of all time, matched in lack of ability only by someone like the Jewish artist Alex Katz. Despite that, Park has an auction record of over $1 million. Martin is way too smart and talented to believe that is a good painting of two nude females, so I assume they have paid him to front this project.

If you wondered why I bothered to do a paper about Steve Martin, now you know. Promotion of nudes like that is as good as anti-promotion of nudes like mine. Bad art serves to displace good art, and— believe it or not—that is one of its main purposes. Why displace good art with bad art? Because bad art has been very useful to the billionaires. It works far better in money laundering and is far easier to control as a fake market. See my paper on money laundering. It is also far more useful as an arm of Operation Chaos, by which the same families keep everyone else confused and disempowered. Old art —like Classical music—orders the mind and strengthens it. New art and music does the opposite, stirring the mind and frying all its connections.


2 Responses to “Crypto-Jews crawl all over Christmas”

  1. logoagogo says:

    Christmas is a load of rubbish though really- a hijacked pagan festival imposed on Europe by a Middle-Eastern death cult involving a central figure of whom there is zero historical evidence.

    • Tapestry says:

      Actually King Izas was a historical figure as written extensively by Ralph Ellis in his King Jesus trilogy. Izas was King of Osrhoene, the location of Palmyra and Edessa, lodged between the Roman and Persian Empires. He led the Judaean revolt against Rome in AD67, but was defeated in AD70, and imprisoned in Chester in Britain by Vespasian. Josephus Flavius wrote the New Testament, using Izas as the central figure, moving the historical events backwards to AD33, and using other histories and religions like Mithraism to borrow a few features into Christianity. JF was St Paul of all the letters to the various cities around the Med. He was instructed to establish the religion known as Christianity by Vespasian, as a Judaism for the Gentiles. King Jesus/Izas was a Jew, a gnostic and not a Christian. His sister/wife Mary Magdalene escaped to France and founded the Orange Order, from where the modern Protestant world emerged from the Catholic repression which lasted until 1700 AD or so. Izas died in Britain in around AD98.

      JF was also a Jew.

      Ellis tracks back the history of this period to Egypt two thousand years earlier. The Nile Delta was called the Ebro, where the language Hebrew was spoken. The capital city was called Avaris, and the central bank The White House. Queen Scota and King Gaythelos left Egypt on an exodus to head West. They ended up in Spain, their descendants heading for Ireland and Scotland. Their son Hiber gave his name to the Iberian Peninsula, and to Hibernia, which is today’s Ireland. No marks for guessing where Scotland derived its name. Gay-thel-os is the same name as Cae – sar (travelling from Hebrew, through Aramaic and Greek to Latin), the same family that appeared all powerful in Roman history. Which suggests Rome was the possession of crypto-Jews who came across from Egypt, where the Jews actually came from. Not today’s Israel which is another fabrication. The world’s power structure is crypto-Jewish for thousands of years.

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