Chess. Golf. How to waste your time.

As I have said before, I don’t play chess, although I know how. Why? Because I consider it the biggest waste of mental energy ever invented. I always suspected it was rigged at the top levels, but until today I didn’t know for sure. I simply didn’t want to waste time researching the question. But for some reason I snapped today: I got tired of hearing about Bobby Fischer and decided to study some of his big wins. It didn’t take long to discover that his opponents were taking a dive. It was so obvious I can’t believe I am the first to say it. I researched the question and found no one else saying these games were rigged. But I guess I should have expected that. I seem to be the only one blowing the cover of many other things, including the Lincoln Assassination, the Salem Trials, Custer’s Last Stand, Hitler, Mussolini, and dozens of other events. So why be surprised I am the only one outing Bobby Fischer?

I am going to be uncharacteristically brief here, because, again, chess is not only not worth playing, it is not worth thinking about. It is only worth outing as another fraud. I am going to analyze four games, and you can follow along at Youtube. The first is his famous game at age thirteen against Donald Byrne……….

………At Wikipedia, it says “In the 19th century, chess was occasionally criticized as a waste of time”. Yes, and that is because in the 19th century a few people still had some sense. But no one in the 20th or 21st centuries has thought chess is a waste of time? Really? Well, let me be the first. Some of my friends used to call me NC, for “Nineteenth Century”. I embraced that, and I embrace it more full everyday. This is just one more reason why.

I never got very far in chess, but I came up against the question more strongly in golf, which I had pretty much mastered by the time I was sixteen. I was a tournament golfer like my father, and there was some early talk of playing in college and maybe someday playing professionally. But already by sixteen I had exhausted my patience with the game. I just didn’t care if I was better than the next guy, and the thought of playing golf all day every day bored me stiff. It was great a couple of times a week in the summer, but devoting a lifetime to it smacked of idiocy. I had more important things to do with my life.

Plus, if you play golf for a living you have to hang out everyday with a bunch of upper-class country club nitwits, most of them Republicans. Life is enough of a torture without that.

I know that some will say that art is also a waste of time. The business world considers art a pastime for blue-haired old ladies and those in therapy, and if it weren’t an investment for the rich guys it would be useless to history. But those who say this are obviously very limited persons, probably without a shred of creativity and certainly without a shred of taste or depth. What they think or say has never concerned me. For those who would lump art in with sport as a meaningless leisure activity, a footnote in the game of life, I simply ask them to name an important sportsman before the 20th century. Most people won’t be able to come up with a single one before, say, Babe Ruth. But even the most ignorant can name dozens of famous artists. Do we have any museums of ancient or classical sport? No, but every city has a museum of art, and the big cities have many. That is to say, the importance and power of art is generally recognized.

For that matter, can you name any famous businessmen before 1900, famous for business alone? You may be able to name a few rich guys, famous just for being rich, but most of them were born rich and the others were robber barons, with a totally negative influence on the world. Which is why there are no business museums devoted to showcasing the great work of businessmen. There is nothing tangible to put in such museums, for a start, and if you did have to come up with something you could only dig

up all the dead bodies these guys were responsible for in wars and manufactured depressions. The museum would only house a pile of bones.

You will tell me they were responsible for building all the great cities of the world. No they weren’t. Those cities were built by architects and artists and stone carvers and real workers. The rich guys only provided the money, which they stole from other workers the world over. Do you think Louis XIV built or even designed Versailles? No, he simply hired it out. He gets zero creative credit. Most of the value of Versailles is in the interior decorations, which were created by. . . artists. To see this in even brighter light, look at the wealthiest businessmen now, who are the wealthiest people in the history of the world. Look at the houses and cities these guys are building: some the most atrocious montrosities since the dawn of time. And they can’t even hire artists or artisans to decorate them beautifully, since they destroyed art and architecture on purpose many decades ago. All the real artists joined the pile of bones long ago.

But back to sport. I am not saying sports or exercise should be avoided as a complete waste of energy. I am involved in many to this day, including golf, volleyball, yoga, and others. I don’t regret the time spent. But sports and games as professions are perverse. Even more perverse is the selling of these professional sports and games as something laudable and important, with top figures promoted as heroes and geniuses. Nothing could be more absurd. Setting these people up as heroes is simply the inversion of sense, and the burying of real achievement by fake achievement.

For example, notice that Fischer’s Wikipedia page is nearly endless, with 672 endnotes. Compare that to Isaac Newton’s or Leonardo’s pages, which are about a fifth the length. Leonardo did something with his genius besides play chess, remember?

If you still don’t believe me, let us return to Fischer, to drive the point home with a real person. There have been at least six major flims about Fischer, though he never did anything important in his life. The most famous of these flims is probably Searching for Bobby Fischer, which came out in 1982. It is based on the life as a child of Joshua Waitzkin, Jewish of course, and it tries to make heroes out of both Waitzkin and Fischer. Another flim is the documentary Bobby Fischer against the World, which you can judge from its exclamatory title and not lose anything.

There Fischer is sold as some great warrior of freedom against the evil Soviets, despite the fact that Fischer was of Russian Jewish extraction and later was listed as a terrorist by the US. You may assume that whole thing was another charade, Fischer’s late assignment, but I will not hit that here. Another flim is the 2014 Pawn Sacrifice starring Tobey Maguire. This flim turns up the volume on the propaganda, flashing back to Fischer’s childhood and trying to sell you Socialism as a real movement instead of the CIA project it was. However, we do get one clue, since they remind you of all the absurd demands Fischer made when playing Spassky in 1972. You should now read those demands in terms of the hoax being pulled. Neither Fischer nor Spassky wanted the hoax to be penetrated, so they needed to create this diversion with Fischer’s paranoia. Notice that they moved to a back room away from the cameras. In this flim we also see Spassky rising to applaud Fischer after losing game six to him—something that would never happen in real life but that now makes sense……

As it turns out, we now know Bobby Fischer’s biological father wasn’t Hans Fischer, but Paul Nemenyi, above, a Jewish mathematician from Hungary who worked on the Manhattan Project. Nemenyi’s father was director of INA, a Hungarian oil company. The family name had been changed from Neumann. Not only was Nemenyi closely related to John von Neumann, he was descended from the surnames Heller, Halasz, Schlesinger, Koppely, Hatvany-Deutsch and Fischer. So Bobby was a Fischer through his 2g-grandfather if not through his stepfather. Note the name Heller, which is a variant of. . . Hiller. Bobby Fischer’s mother was a Wender and an Abramson, both scrubbed at Geni.

Through the name Hatvany-Deutsch, the Nemenyis were closely related to major Jewish industrialist Baron Sandor Hatvany-Deutsch, originally Deutsch, one of the wealthiest men in Hungary at the turn of the century (1900) due to his sugar empire. Remember, we have seen these sugar magnates in many previous papers. The Baron was also a banker. His vast art collection was allegedly seized from his son by the Nazis, but we have seen those seizures were other hoaxes, probably run to hide assets or launder money in some way.

Curiously, Wikipedia fails to mention that Paul Nemenyi worked on the Manhattan Project, and we have to dig up the info elsewhere. Wiki admits Nemenyi worked for the Naval Ordnance Lab in White Oak after the war, but doesn’t mention anything about Nemenyi’s whereabouts during the war. We also find more connections when we go to the Wiki page for Peter Nemenyi, son of Paul and half-brother of Bobby. There we find Peter was sent to the Isle of Man during the war, allegedly interned for being a Socialist. Strange place to intern rich Jews, isn’t it? Well, we now know how to read that, too, since Isle of Man is the ancient stronghold of the Stanleys and other crypto-Jewish peers.

So this is who Bobby Fischer really was. We are told Bobby had an impoverished childhood, but this is the standard sob story. His father was from a wealthy European family, with oil money, sugar money, banking money, and money from the State, and he was then living in Hanford, Washington. Being an Abramson, we may assume Bobby’s mother was from wealth as well. Otherwise how did she meet the privileged Nemenyi? See the coiner and banker Abraham Abramson, of the court of Frederick the Great. We also probably link here to founder of Atlantic Records, Herb Abramson, who came out of Brooklyn in the 1940s. Also to Jill Abramson, former editor of the New York Times.

I wish to remind you that Fischer became involved with Herbert Armstrong’s Worldwide Church of God in the late 70s in Los Angeles. You may remember it as the later falling place of Garner Ted Armstrong. The mainstream bios pass this off as part of Fischer’s eccentricity or madness, but that is to miss the story here. I could point to this as another sign of Fischer’s lack of any real intelligence— since what intelligent person would get involved in such an enterprise?—but it goes even deeper than that. This church was itself another CIA front, part of the continuation of the Theosophy Project to damage Christianity I have outed elsewhere.

Note the names Herbert and Armstrong, which are both from the families. See the Herberts, Earls of Carnarvon, as well as the Armstrongs, as in George Armstrong Custer—also from the peerage. This indicates Fischer was recruited to add his prestige to this project, which tells me he was some sort of agent all along. You will tell me Fischer later quit the church, calling it Satanic. Yes, that was his assignment. They set these churches up for spectacular failure, usually with gigantic sex scandals—which blackwashes Christianity like nothing else could.

But you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

I was searching the net for images of Herbert Armstrong when I came to that one. Glancing at the thumbnail, I thought, “Oh, there is Fischer posing with Herbert and his wife”. No. That guy in the middle is tagged as Garner Ted Armstrong. But he does look very much like Fischer, with the same head shape, long nose, and eyes. Problem is, he doesn’t look like Garner Ted Armstrong. So is that photo generally mistagged across the internet, or did they have multiple people playing Garner Ted? Regardless, we have to ask, “Who is that guy with the Armstrongs, and why does he look so much like Fischer?” Judging from the age of the Armstrongs and the fact that the picture is black and white, it looks to be from the 1960s. Therefore, it would match Fischer’s age at the time. So it could be Fischer. Hard to tell for sure, since I could find no other pics of him smiling. He wasn’t a happy guy. But if that is Fischer, what was he doing with the Armstrongs back in the 1960s? He was supposed to be Jewish at the time, refusing to play on the Sabbath. My guess is that IS Fischer, and that it has been mistagged to hide that fact. They are trying to hide the connections of both Fischer and the Armstrongs, since it cuts both ways: Fischer was a spook even at that age, and the Armstrongs were crypto-Jews running a project against Christianity.

But let us return to Fischer and his chess record. As more indication I am right about Fischer, see the Wiki section on his record against other grandmasters. It is very thin, going into the double digits only with Spassky, and being negative against Tal and Geller. He was even against Korchnoi, Botvinnik, Bronstein, Euwe, and Polugaevsky. Which makes Spassky’s throws that much more important.

What about Garry Kasparov? Is he for real? Nope. To get us started, you may like to know his real name is Garik Kimovich Weinstein. So why the name change? Why can’t these people exist under their own names? Probably because he wanted to be known as a Russian, not as a Jew. Kasparov’s mother is scrubbed, being given as only as Klara Shagenovna Gasparian, no parents. She is supposed to have been Christian, but see Comendador Levy Gasparian in Rio de Janeiro, and note the name Levy. Kasparov has other red flags on him, starting with his high-profile loss to the chess computer program Deep Blue, selling computers as intelligent. This might seem like an isolated event, not meaning what I am implying it means, except that Kasparov went on to do a TED talk this year, the subject of which was “not fearing intelligent machines”. TED is the exclusive format of spooks. This ties Kasparov to the sale of AI and to such people as Ray Kurzweil. I also discovered Kasparov is married to a Tarasova, full name not given. This is interesting because the name Tarasov is prominent in the Russian “left”. See Alexander Tarasov, self-styled post-Marxist. He started the Party of New Communists in 1973, which indicates to me he was a spook. Like Kasparov, Tarasov has been propped up as an enemy of Putin. Both of them are supposedly on neo-Nazi lists for extermination, having spoken out against Putin and the current Russian regime. Kasparov was one of the founders of The Other Russia, an anti-Putin organization, so it is probable Kasparov and Tarasov are linked, and that they are both agents. The Other Russia is clearly a manufactured organization, created as a release valve for anti-Putin sentiment, but otherwise intended to be ineffectual. Compare it to the fake leftist organizations in the US like Occupy Wall Street, etc.

Kasparov wrote an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal in 2013, the outward point of which was questioning whether the FSB had cooperated with the FBI on the Boston Marathon bombing case, but the real point of which was confirming that the bombing was real and the the Tsarnaevs were real terrorists. In other words, Kasparov was hired to make the event seem real, though it was a hoax from top to bottom. This again indicates Kasparov is an agent of worldwide Intel.

The same thing can be said of Kasparov’s comments on the Syrian Civil War, where he claimed Putin was behind Assad. That is more misdirection, since these wars are manufactured and managed by worldwide Intelligence, to keep the militaries properly fattened. Assad isn’t a front for Putin; rather, Assad, Putin, Obama, and Trump are all fronts for Intel, which is a front for the wealthiest families.

Kasparov’s 2015 book Winter is Coming should have been entitled A Fake War with Russia is Coming, since he warns against “appeasement” and argues for immediate confrontation. That alone should peg him.

As for his chess record, you will have to study that yourself. I have analyzed four games already and have no desire to do more. But your suspicions should have been raised.

What about Magnus Carlsen? First thing to ask is, who is his mother? Her maiden name is Oen. I will put you on the chess clock to figure that one out. Tick, tick.

Try saying it outloud. And then try adding a “w”. As in Owen. Think I made it up? Go here.

I am already weary of this, but my guess is that although Carlsen is sold as a blond Scandinavian beast, he is actually Jewish as well, and is related to the famous Owens of Wales, including the early promoters of Socialism. They tell us Carlsen is scattering the Jewish chessmasters, but remember that they also tried to sell us Fischer as an anti-Semite—although he was a practicing Jew. Kasparov (Weinstein) has called himself a “self-appointed Christian”. You have to laugh

First published December 21, 2017



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  1. Tom74 says:

    I have little doubt most professional sports and games are rigged. Take football – look at how differently the same players fare when they take part in different leagues and tournaments. It’s always blamed on the manager, fitness, weather or style of play – but I suspect the truth is more suspect.

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